Background Bob Creates Amazing Art for Charity

Background Bob is the alter ego of 12 year old Noah. Described as a cheeky lad with cerebral palsy his background paintings have become hugely popular. Initially starting as a project during the first covid lockdown, the idea and the project took off. Noah would paint the backgrounds and artists would collaborate by painting on top.

Soon capturing the imagination the result is that more than 200 artists took part. Background Bob then published a book of the works which sold out raising more than £18k for charity. The next stage is to sell the original works themselves via an online auction on ebay. The money raised will raise vital funds for the Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity.

Noah Jones aka Background Bob at home with his book of collaborations

Lockdown Art Project

The idea for Background Bob was born during the first lockdown. Knowing how much Noah loved to paint, his dad Nathan reached on on social media to see if artists would be up for collaborating with him. Noah would paint the background, it would be sent to the artist who would then send it back complete with their collaboration.

It was immediately popular. Artists loved the idea and Background Bob became an internet sensation. His feel good posts when both painting and then receiving the finished paintings back were heart warming at what was a difficult time for many. Artists, particularly a lot of street artists, eagerly contributed. More than willing to give their time for a worthy project.

Online Auction

Background Bob’s dad Nathan Jones said: “We would love to say a huge thank you to all the artists who contributed to this wonderful project. Those who have helped along the way, as well as all the supporters. You now all have a chance to own a beautiful part of our project. Please bid generously, it’s all for a great cause and the funds raised will really change people’s lives. ❤️” 

Noah Jones at home

Certainly some of the art created has been remarkable. All against the backdrop of Background Bob’s cardboard canvasses. Some of the biggest names in the UK’s street and contemporary art scenes took part. All contributing unique and thoughtful additions to what would evolve into becoming a remarkable collection. It was one that would eventually be exhibited at the Firstsite centre in Colchester. Beating all the lockdown odds, he had managed to put on an actual exhibition before the end of the year.

Background Bob

It actually started by accident just after the beginning of the first lockdown. No longer able to go to school. His dad got out the paints one day and his creativity was unleashed. A long time fan of the street art scene, his dad Nathan then asked some friends if they’d fancied painting onto them and so Background Bob was born. Now he has appeared on the BBC and in national newspapers and gained a whole bunch of new admirers.

Noah and his dad Nathan

Noah himself was born with Hydrocephalus. He also has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Throughout his life hospital has been a familiar place. It explains the desire to give something back and the sales from his book went to his local children’s ward. The proceeds from the online auction are also going to the Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals charity. It’s a kind and whole hearted thing to do raising money as well as a smile.

The auction on ebay begins at 6pm on Sunday 28 February and will run for a week. Anyone who would like to bid should search ‘Background Bob’ on eBay. For more information about Background Bob, visit his instagram page. You can also see Bob’s page on the Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity here.

The front cover of 'Background Bob & his Amazing Friends'
Front cover of Background Bob & his Amazing Friends book
Background Bob aka Noah Jones


    1. Thank you Natasha this was and still is one of my favourite art projects. Such a positive thing to do

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