Street Artists Boe & Irony Paint a Giant Chihuahua on Chrisp Street in East London

One of the most random and yet at the same time, exceptional pieces of street art to pop up recently, can now be seen close to the All Saints DLR station, dominating the route into London from the East India Dock Road.

Situated on a tower block on the junction with Chrisp Street, local artists Irony and Boe have taken the opportunity presented with such a dominant canvas to paint a, erm… giant chihuahua!

And to be fair, why not. The two artists, who often paint together, have a penchant for animals and so it makes sense that this is what they will portray. The choice of a small dog sat on it’s hind legs with it’s tongue hanging out is, an admittedly unique, image to portray on the entrance to the famous Chrisp Street market but why not?

Curated by Fitzrovia Noirs Garry Hunter, a friend of this blog, the resultant panting dog is a rather abstract but dynamic addition to this area of the East End. Covering the best part of the gable end of a 1960’s block of flats it shows just what an impact well curated street art can make to an area, immediately transforming the place from something quite hard edged to something a little warmer.

The art can be seen from the All Saints DLR station and it is situated on the junction of the East India Dock Road with Chrisp Street. As ever I’ve been there already and taken a few snaps which should wet the appetite, hope you enjoy the pics 🙂

Boe & Irony Chihuahua on Chrisp Street

Boe & Irony

Boe & Irony

Boe & Irony

Boe & Irony

Boe & Irony

Boe & irony

Boe & Irony


  1. Great set of photos Stu – we thought about the rapidly changing dynamic of Poplar when deciding on the chihuahua, as it’s a symbol of aspirational wealth. It’s also on the edge of the Isle of Dogs and facing the A13 to Barking, as well as being close to the site of a longstanding Spratt’s dog biscuit factory, now surprise, surprise – converted warehouse apartments ! So that
    all works and is the first piece for Fitzrovia Noir’s ‘Changing Spaces’ interventions in the E14 area. The model is a chihuahua called Hunter ( no relation ) belonging to local artist Cate Halpin.
    The tag ‘ Gentrification (tick)’ on street level gets the point which really doesn’t need emphasising, but the artists tell me they like it !

  2. Cheers Stu – I saw it from the top of Balfron Tower last week with Canary Wharf towering over Poplar, making the chihuahua small again the context of the skyline. There’s also a trail of Ben Wilson’s chewing gum miniatures from outside All Saints DLR and around Chrisp Street market, where he takes large objects and paint them on tiny canvases – a reverse in scale to the chihuahua piece

  3. I really need to see it from that viewpoint I bet it is spectacular 🙂 I’ll check out those gum pieces next time I’m there too, love Ben Wilson’s art

  4. Wonderful artwork and snaps indeed. I just had to get of the bus to take a peek and a few snaps myself. Rounded off with pie and mash in the Eastenders Pie ‘N’ Mash shop close by!!

  5. Best mural I’ve ever seen , chihuahua lover , could not believe what I saw xx 😊🐶🐶🐕

  6. From The London Evening Standard recently – despite one of the artists quoted as implying that this work was not curated, it was, because I did that, plus project managed and commissioned the piece, including making high resolution preparatory photographs of our model Knight of the Hunter (no relation) with chihuahua guardian Cate Halpin, secured the space and sourced the costs. Thanks to Brazilian curator Gil Sibin for letting me know about this article. Great to see it is still there after five years…

  7. Wonderfull painting I have recently lost my 10year old red and cream chiuahua and am still heart broken I live in Stepney E1 and I don’t know what made you choose to paint a chiuahua except if like me you fall in love with the I am 81yrs old so not sure about having another one congratulations on your beautifull painting I hope to see it one day it’s not far but I don’t go very far

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