Where to Find Street Art in Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare has for the past two years been the location of Weston Wallz. A street art event inspired by the success of Upfest in the nearby city of Bristol. First launching in the town during 2021, it’s popularity soon led to a repeat showing in 2022.

Mural from Emily Joy Rich with Old Post Office Lane in the background. There have been a number of street art murals added here during Weston Wallz 2022

Weston Super Mare Street Art

Several locations have been opened up within easy walking distance of the town centre. A cautious start the first year saw 9 murals created. Then with greater confidence the year after, a further 16 street art pieces were added to the town. Eye catching works from the likes of Irony, Insane51, Sophie Long, Curtis Hylton and Dan Kitchener are among the highlights in a strong array of street art across Weston Super Mare.

Greek artist Insane51 painted on George Street

Local Artists

But that’s not all the story about street art in the seaside town. For years artists have been creating work here. An exploration of the area will reveal a number of pieces from local artist JPS whose pop culture inspired work can be spotted across various locations. Other artists to watch out for are PZY, Fawn and some larger murals from Martin Darcy and Lin Toulcher.

Seaside mural from Martin Darcy and Lin Toulcher created during lockdown. In the background work from Teaone created during Weston Wallz 2022 can be seen

Map of Street Art in Weston Super Mare

A map of all art created during the Weston Wallz festival. It also includes pre-existing artworks created in the town by various artists.

Alexandra Parade (Sultans Kebab House) – Irony (2021)

Image of a rooster street art in Weston Super Mare
An inquisitive rooster from Irony on the side of Sultans Kebab House. The artist is well known for his realistic and imposing and fun images

Alma Street (The Corner Shop) – Vee (2022)

Large abstract mural from Vanessa Scott aka Vee on Alma Street. The piece was Vee’s first time painting using scaffolding

Beach Road (Brunello Lounge) – Shruti (2021)

Mural from Shruti inside the garden of Brunello Lounge

Birnbeck Road (RNLI Shop)

Damien Jeffery (2022)

Wave paintings overlooking the bay from Damien Jeffrey
The wave paintings are part of a diptych from Damien Jeffrey on the side of the RNLI shop

Veeezwsm (date unknown)

A grinning cheshire cat from Veeezwsm graffiti shop on the back of the RNLI shop on Birnbeck Road.

Boulevard (Proud Bar) – Acerone (2022)

Proud on the Proud Bar. Calligraphy from Acerone

George Street (Dolphin Square Kitchen) – Sophie Long (2022)

Image of a shark street art in Weston Super Mare
‘Brutus’ the giant shark from Sophie Long on the side of the Dolphin Square Kitchen. This mural is based on a well known shark in the Guadalupe Islands. Initially taken as a photo by Euan Rannachan. According to Sophie “Euan made it his mission to make Brutus famous and that is exactly what he has done. This absolute looker of a shark is the face of SharkWeek for Discovery and now he’s also swimming the streets of Weston Super Mare in the UK”

George Street (51-59 Social Club) – Insane51 (2022)

Impressive work from Greek street artist Insane51. Called ‘Hemera holding Helios’ the work in Weston is a companion piece to a wall he created for Upfest in 2021. Hemera is the Greek goddess of the day and so she is shown holding the sun.

Old Post Office Lane – Multiple Artists

Bev G Star (2022)

Bev G Star mural on Old Post Office Lane

Bex Glover (2022)

A fox looking for fish. Work from Bristol’s Bex Glover

Caryn Koh (2022)

‘By the window sill” Yet I need to move on’ Caryn Koh study of a woman on Old Post Office Lane

David Puck (2022)

Portrait by David Puck on Old Post Office Lane. His work explores ideas around abstraction, masculinity and mental health
Double portrait from David Puck on Old Post Office Lane

DFTE (2022)

‘Don’t Think Too Much Just Do What Makes You Happy’. Wise words from DFTE on Old Post Office Lane

Emily Joy Rich (2022)

‘Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger’. Positive calligraphy from Emily Joy Rich

Ian Boyd Walker (2022)

Marine scene from Ian Boyd Walker on Old Post Office Lane

Tom Habben aka Mammoth Hands (2022)

Work from Tom Habben aka Mammoth Hands on Old Post Office Lane

Will Cross (2022)

Rural scene from Will Cross on Old Post Office Lane

Orchard Street (Sanctuary Cafe) – Andy Council (2021)

Popular Bristol artist Andy Council is well known for his architectural inspired wildlife

Oxford Corner (Oxford Corner Cafe)

Sian Storey (2022)

Flamingo and flowers from Sian Storey overlooking the seafront

Curtis Hylton (2022)

Seals and fish on the seafront from Curtis Hylton

Oxford Place (The Electric Banana) – Paul Monsters (2022)

Geometric shapes from Paul Monsters down a little side street on the side of the ‘Electric Banana’

Oxford Street (Citizens Advice North Somerset) – D_Ammo (2021)

Flower with wasps from D_Ammo

Regent Street

Dan Kitchener (Regents Jewellers) – 2021

Geisha from Dan Kitchener on Regent Street

Martin Darcy & Lin Toulcher (date unknown)

Tiger from Martin Darcy and Lin Toulcher in support of the WWF

Richmond Street (Pizza Choice & Special Kebabs) – Farrah Fortnum (2021)

‘Oxygen’ a mural from Farrah Fortnum. According to Farrah “this mural revisits my love for the oceans, reefs and all the life below the surface that you don’t see. As you know I love painting rainforests but my first love and inspiration when I began painting is oceans – the other lung of the earth. Hence naming this piece ‘Oxygen’. Without it, we are not living”.

South Parade – Martin Darcy & Lin Toulcher (2020)

A seaside mural painted during lockdown for the residents of Weston from local artists Martin Darcy and Lin Toulcher

Station Road (Apple Central Taxis) – Aspire (2022)

Bird nicking some chips from Aspire. This mural is on the side of Apple Central Taxi’s on Station Road

West Street (back of Olea) – Teaone (2022)

A historic seaside scene from Teaone. It shows donkey’s being herded by lads on bikes to the beach. The mural was influenced by his own childhood growing up on the North Wales coast. Donkey’s and donkey rides being very much a staple of coastal resort towns in the UK. “We used to rush down to the window to watch them pass” Teaone said. “We were all in school and they spent their whole day at the beach. It all seemed so idyllic then, not so much now”.

West Street (Loves Cafe) – Hazard (2021)

‘Weston Super Mermaid’ Portrait on the side of Loves Cafe from Hazard. Speaking about the piece she said that she wanted to ‘capture the kitschness that she associated with the British seaside whilst also bringing a lot of colour to a ‘pretty manky’ car park wall

Alexandra Parade & Various Locations – JPS

Local artist JPS has a number of stencil works around the town. Walk around Weston Super Mare and you are bound to come across several of his street art works. Usually inspired by popular culture they are a welcome relief when you wander across them. There’s plenty so what follows is a selection of the walls

‘I bet this end up on the web’ – JPS on Carlton Street
‘Better than a Bear Wall’ – JPS on Richmond Street
‘Conkers’ by JPS on Alexandra Parade
‘This graffiti Mayweather’ by JPS on Alexandra Parade

Various Locations – Fawn

Cotswold artist Fawn has a number of works that can be seen particularly around Alexandra Parade. Painting on the street since 2015 she credits JPS as a mentor and they have often painted together.

Randallism tribute to Randall from Monsters Inc by Fawn on Alexandra Parade
Hanging the facebook washing out to dry. Work from Fawn on Alexandra Parade

Various Locations – PZY

Often working with JPS, PZY is another local artist inspired by pop culture. Her works in Weston Super Mare can be found alongside JPS and Fawn around Alexandra Parade.

Angel holding the world on Alexandra Parade
The Corpse Bride by PZY on North Street
Pirate by PZY on North Street

Weston Wallz was a street art festival taking place in Weston Super Mare. It first took place during September 2021 and then during July 2022.

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