WOM Collective 3rd Anniversary Paint Jam

The WOM collective third anniversary paint jam was held in Shoreditch at the Allen Gardens. The location just off Brick Lane has become a regular location for the collective. A space for artists to get together and paint it has some of the best free walls in London.

Street art from Damitta aka DMT Art under the tunnel at the Allen Gardens

3rd Anniversary Paint Jam

I remember the excitement of their 1st anniversary jam in August 2020. After 4 months of enforced social isolation, we were all so delighted to meet, chat and create together again. That year 21 artists joined in. And this year there were 17, including new voices to me and their collective. That is the beauty of this group.

Wide shot of the tunnel art with work from Lore, DMT and Elno

Getting Going

Arriving about 2.30pm the jam was still getting going. Artists were at various stages. DMT Art was making good progress at her spot under the railway bridge. Her central portrait already finished whilst now debating what to add to the surround. Nearby a Harley Davidson stood parked. The muse for a mural soon to be completed by Carleen De Sozer one of the Wom Collective founders.

Completed mural from Carleen de Sozer complete with Harley Davidson alongside work from ClitKat

Blending In

Further along the main wall a mural from Woskerski peeked out from amidst the artists. Only finished the day before it was a portrait of a ponderous woman in a raincoat. It’s always a risk painting at this location. There’s a strong likelihood that it will be gone over within a day or so. Not this piece though. Perhaps the artist knew that when he painted a woman in pink rainwear. The perfect way to blend in with the jam.

Art from Orange to the left and Woskerski to the right. Random obsenity in the middle unknown

New Artists

As is often the case with the WOM Collective the jam was a combination of returning and newer artists. For Yana Chernikova, an artist over from Ukraine, it was her first time. Choosing the occasion to paint a pretty, folk-art inspired portrait. Using only brushes it managed to show off both her skills and her culture. Another new artist Boudicca took inspiration from classical art. Her Da Vinci inspired image showing some real depth. It’s always interesting to see how the classics still inspire so much contemporary art.

Vero the Neighbour with work from Yana Chernikova at the Wom Collective paint jam
Murals from Shauna Blanchfield and Boudicca

Completed Murals

Staying to the end and the Harley Davidson is now being used for a photo shoot. The mural it inspired Carleen de Sozer to paint is now complete. Called ‘The Breakout’ it is a reference to the film ‘The Matrix’. In the hands of the rider you can see the red pill and blue pill as the motorcycle appears to crash through the wall.

Elno’s tribute to her mum as part of the Wom Collective 3rd anniversary paint jam

Other murals include a piece from another co-founder Elno. A tribute to her mother and all the inspiration and love she gave her growing up. Works too from Van Jimmer, Curiouser and Curiouser, Clitkat and 7th Pencil. All of whom we’ve seen previously at the paint jams. With other artists including Karc, Immas, Lore, Morbidd and Vero the Neighbour all adding their mark. A total of 17 new murals created and a successful celebration of 3 years painted together.

The 3rd Anniversary Wom Collective Paint Jam took place on 21 August 2022. All photos in this article are courtesy of Tanya Nash.

Wom Collective 3rd Anniversary Gallery

Curiouser and Curiouser
7th Pencil
Karc and Immas
Not your sugar mummy
Van Jimmer
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