Wom Collective Murals at the Lighthouse in Stratford

The WOM Collective have created a series of new murals to hoardings around the Lighthouse and Gardens in Stratford. A community hub and garden at the heart of one of London’s most vibrant areas. It’s a venue that you don’t quite expect when you stumble upon it.

A woman walks a dog past one of the murals from Damitta


Described as a community empowerment space. It’s an area that sits amongst tower blocks close to the Stratford International Train station. Formerly just waste ground it will one day be part of a wider re-development. However until that time, the gardens and the community space of the Lighthouse are there for the local community.

Hoardings painted by the WOM Collective in Stratford

Community Space

Owned by Hadley Property, they work with community organisers to create planting beds and to create a space for creatives. First started last year, it’s a venture that is starting to mature. It’s a space very similar to what used to be the Nomadic Community Gardens near Brick Lane. Not surprising as James Wheale one of the founders of those gardens is also the curator at the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Garden

Wom Collective

Adding to the creative vibe of the place, the WOM collective have added their latest set of murals. Running alongside the hoardings leading up the entrance of the space. Six of the collective added their own pieces. Entering the gardens and looking around the rest of the hoardings other older works can also be seen.

The WOM Collective with Lore, Tash Creates, Damitta, Elno, Lours, Apparan and Jeru Nomi. Picture courtesy of Patrick Straub

The WOM Collective murals can be seen on the hoardings of the Lighthouse Gardens on International Way in Stratford. The pieces were painted in July 2023 with further works added by Shauna Blanchfield and 7th Pencil a few weeks after.


Apparan’s mushroom inspired street art


A woman in a field of flowers by Damitta


Nature Woman from Elno

Jeru Nomi

Jeru Nomi’s line based sneaker mural


A blue tit on a cherry tree by Lore


The WOM Collective by Lours

Shauna Blanchfield

Urban fox by Shauna Blanchfield. Picture courtesy of Shauna

Tash Creates

Tash Creates flower and fungus

7th Pencil

Mural by 7th Pencil. Picture courtesy of 7th Pencil
7th Pencil and Shauna Blanchfield with some later additions. Picture courtesy of 7th Pencil
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