Alex Face Paints Murals Across London and Chelmsford

Thai street artist Alex Face has created four new murals in and around London. Here to promote his latest exhibition at the Dorothy Circus Gallery, Alex is not someone to sit still. He is still very much an artist who loves the street and who will take any opportunity to paint on it.

In just six days he’s opened a west end exhibition and travelled to wherever there is a wall. Visiting Chelmsford and Penge whilst also painting in the East End on Brick Lane and in Dalston. The latter area being one he knows well, having painted there on previous visits.

Thai artist Alex Face visiting London to open his latest exhibition and to paint murals

Visiting London

That’s where Inspiring City first met Alex Face. Back in 2013 he’d not long started his now famous ‘baby’ inspired artwork. Inspired by his then infant daughter, he used the image to start exploring areas that concerned him. Things such as climate change and pollution, he was concerned about the world in which she would grow up in.

The window display at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in London

Neon and Fire Vanitas

Alex Face’s exhibition ‘Neon and Fire Vanitas’ was a double header pieces of the same show being shown in both Rome and London. Opening first at the Dorothy Circus in Italy it then opened in London five days later. Both venues then running consecutively with different paintings yet still part of the same show.

One of the paintings in the exhibition. He has been working with ideas around neon and fire

Delicate Balance

Using the style of classical ‘Vanita’s paintings’ he has re-imagined them in his own way with the use of neon particularly prominent. Those neon sections representing what he describes as the “delicate balance between past and future”. The work he says, emphasises the need to “embrace change whilst staying grounded in genuine reality”. Using fire in the work he also wanted to convey more of a sense of chaos, “amplifying the feeling of impermanence and urgency”

Painting high up on a cherry picker in Chelmsford

Alex Face Murals


Painted as part of the ‘Concrete Canvas‘ festival. It took Alex Face one day up a nifty lift to create his baby character flying up into the air whilst holding on to a flower. The festival handily co-incided with the opening weekend of his Dorothy Circus exhibition. Chelmsford itself, although not in London, is close enough and just over half an hour on the train.

Alex Face Mural in Chelmsford for the Concrete Canvas festival

Brick Lane

Painted on Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane this is an area Alex Face knows well. His painting on a prominent wall showing the face and the skull underneath in a type of pursuit. Seemingly going at speed it is like they are being propelled by fire.

Back to a familiar spot in London’s Brick Lane


Painting on the regular BSMT Space wall in Dalston, it’s a space that has welcomed many international artists over the years. His work shows two baby characters blowing kisses at each other. Their actual faces however have become detached from their heads revealing a skull underneath.

Dual faces in Dalston. Photo courtesy of Susi Foxy Art


A visit to Penge to add to London’s most vibrant open air street art gallery. Supported by London Calling blog and Street Art Atlas he added a quick piece to a garage door in the South London suburb.

Alex Face visited the growing street art gallery of Penge. Thanks to Street Art Atlas for the photo

Neon and Fire Vanitas the exhibition by Alex Face runs at the Dorothy Circus Gallery from 25 May 2023 to 13 June 2023. He has been painting across London in the time that he has been here. Thanks to Susi Foxy Art and Street Art Atlas for additional photos.

Portrait of a Alex Face on Brick Lane. Photo courtesy of Susi Foxy Art
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