Weston Wallz Street Art Murals of 2023

Weston Wallz the street art festival in Weston Super Mare returned with more murals for 2023. Taking inspiration from the nearby Upfest in Bristol, it is the third time that the seaside town has held the event.

Work from south coast artists Mishfit and My Dog Sighs on the dramatic location of Knightstone Island in Weston Super Mare

Exploring the Murals

Fortunately the murals are all easily accessible. Locations are mainly focused around the centre of the town which makes for an easy exploration around. The furthest murals being out near Knightstone Island and the Marine Lake. In total 18 new pieces were added from a range of artists, many of whom were from the local area.

Weston Wallz

Large scale works from this years Weston Wallz festival include impressive pieces from My Dog Sighs, Peachzz, Katie Scott, Squirl, Molly Mural, Inkie, Paul Monsters, Will Barras and Mister Samo. Bristol favourites Cheo, Mr Draws, Gloverman, Ejits and Lucas Antics all came down the M5 to add work to the town. Brighton based Mishfit, Glastonbury’s Faye Suzannah and Weston locals Martin Darcy and Sarah Dicks made up the line up. All the new artworks joining the 9 created for the first festival in 2021 and the 16 added the year after in 2022.

My Dog Sighs latest work can be found on the side of the ‘Strange Catch’ on Lower Church Road

Weston Wallz Locations 2023

Birnbeck Road – The Savoy

Peachzz (The Savoy)

A puffin with mackerel from Peachzz on the side of the Savoy guest house

Burlington Street

Martin Darcy

Local artist Martin Darcy has a number of murals around Weston Super Mare. This latest is on the side of a shed on Burlington Street

Camden Terrace – Weston Super Frames

Faye Suzannah (Weston Super Frames)

An image of spring from Glastonbury based artist Faye Suzannah on Camden Terrace

Gloucester Street

Katie Scott

A mermaid on the side of a residential home on Gloucester Street. What Katie Scott describes as a ‘pearlescent princess’

High Street

Mister Samo (The Stable Games Room)

Mister Samo’s ‘You are Loved’ dominates the High Street just above the Stable Games Room

Knightstone Island


Brighton’s Mishfit with a bright abstract portrait on the scenic Knightstone Island

My Dog Sighs

A little My Dog Sighs piece hidden away on Knightstone Island. The artist had already created a large scale work on Lower Church Road. He had also stuck a number of his little paste ups around the town

Locking Road

Cheo ft. Soker (Locking Road Toilets)

A Weston based tribute from Cheo with Soker
Seagulls with fish and chips and a beer
Donkeys with rock and ice cream

Ejits (Boro Social Club)

Well known fun characters from Ejits on the side of the Boro Social club

Gloverman (Boro Social Club)

Gloverman work on the Boro Social Club. His street incorporates the use of British Sign Language

Mr Draws (Locking Road Toilets)

Mr Draws painting on the side of the Locking Road Toilets

Lower Church Road

My Dog Sighs (The Strange Catch)

The impressive My Dog Sighs with a painted cardboard mural

Meadow Street – C&J’s Little Shop of Allsorts

Cock Dicks (C&J’s Little Shop of Allsorts)

‘No LGB without the T’ from the impressively named Cock Dicks

North Street

Will Barras & Paul Monsters (Laser Quest)

A collaboration between Paul Monsters and Will Barras on the side of the Laser Quest on North Street

Oxford Street

Inkie (Oxford Corner Cafe)

The former Oxford Corner Cafe is looking a bit sorry for itself these days. However Bristol legend Inkie was able to add an impressive amount of colour to it

Sovereign Centre

Lucas Antics (Sovereign Centre Car Park Tower – Regent Street)

Bristol’s Lucas Antics with some beach loving characters on the side of the staircase leading up the car park of the Sovereign Centre. This piece can be accessed via Regent Street

Squirl (Sovereign Centre – Post Office Road)

At the front of the Sovereign Centre is this large abstract mural from Squirl. It can be accessed via Post Office Road and can be seen from the Italian Gardens

Wilcox Place

Molly Mural (The Loft)

On the side of the loft on Wilcox Place is this piece from Molly Mural

Weston Wallz took place between 24 May and 4 June 2023. It is the third time that the festival had been held in the town. It was created in partnership with Weston Town Council, Culture Weston and Arts Council Weston.

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