Wom Collective Women’s Day Paint Jam

Celebrating International Women’s Day, the WOM Collective produced a series of murals in Shoreditch’s Allen Gardens. Featuring a range of female street artists, the walls running along the overground rail line got a new coating of paint.

The artists of the Wom Collective Women’s Day paint jam

Women’s Day Murals

Called ‘WOM Inspired 23’ the event was in celebration of Women’s International Freedom and Respect. Part of a series of events centred around Women’s Day, artists had responded to an open call to turn up and paint. Heading to London from across the country, Allen Gardens offers one of the best series of free walls in the city.

Tamoonz and Nush Poke by Nush’s wall in the Allen Gardens


Artworks ranged from portraiture to more abstract. Portraits included a tribute to photographer Martha Cooper from Laffiti, Morgana Dub Souljah from Apparan and Existential Bell from Shauna Blanchfield. Swindon’s Caryn Koh’s piece meanwhile featured two friends in an embrace.

Shauna Blanchfield with K Holla Wayo taking a closer look at Shauna’s wall


Other works included stencil pieces from SoulD and 7th Pencil, a beautiful water inspired piece from Van Jimmer and a wall of breasts from Elno and Damitta. This latter piece, a celebration of the diversity of women. More stylised graphic cartoon inspired work came from Mali Mowcka, Tamoonz and Nush Poke. Their sometimes darker character art styles have become instantly noticeable on the streets. Tattoo artist Lavia and Inkblot too added bold graphic portraits in black and white.

SoulD adding one of the many layers to her piece with the help of a friend

Range of Artworks

Other artists included illustrator Jeru Draws, Lore, Lucia Segura, Lunar, Maria Linares Friere, Orange Here Too, Pjawor and Y Would U Do That. All showcasing a variety of styles, the messages of the works adding to the range of narratives on display.

Van Jimmer in action painting her wall

The Wom Inspired 23 paint jam was held on 5 March 2023. It was organised by the Wom Collective and took place at Allen Gardens in Shoreditch.

7th Pencil

Stencil artist 7th Pencil


An image inspired by a post by @morgana_dub_souljah which discussed how to face bad times. “Hard times needs a pure heart” she said. Apparan dedicated the work to anyone who faces bad times with a smile

Caryn Koh

‘To Be Loved’ is based on Caryn Koh’s friends Hwe Ling and Teck Hsien

Elno and Damitta

A wall of boobies from Elno and Damitta


Tattoo artist Lavia (@fla_ink) is known for her graphic black and white style


“Celebrating women today means acknowledging how much work is left to be done. In countries as diverse as the USA, Afghanistan and Iran. Girls and Women now have fewer rights that their mothers and grandmothers did”. – Inkblot

Jeru Draws

‘God Save the Queen’ – A tribute to Vivienne Westwood from Jeru

K Holla Wayo

‘Toot’ a letter piece from Bristol’s K Holla Wayo


A portrait of legendary graffiti photographer Martha Cooper from Yorkshire based artist Laffiti


A heart separated from Lorenza Cirigliano aka Lore

Lucia Segura

A woman on a wave from Lucia Segura


Botanical letters painted by Lunar. Celebrating women who have inspired the artist to “become better and not to give up”.

Mali Mowcka

A woman of many faces from Mali Mowcka

Maria Linares Freire

Cosmic Energy from Maria Linares Freire

Nush Poke

Birds on the wall from French artist Nush Poke

Orange Here Too

Medusa from OrangeHereToo


Trixie from Pjawor

Shauna Blanchfield

Portrait of her friend Existential Bell from Shauna Blanchfield

SoulD Art

Multi layer stencil piece from SoulD Art. The piece is part of SoulD’s inner world series


Graphic cartoon character from Tamoonz

Van Jimmer

‘Quan Yin Pearl’ – The work from Van Jimmer was inspired by a meaningful gift as well as the artist affinity for water. “It’s a contemplation of gratitude, of hard lessons won, of compassion for people and hope for the future’.

Y Would U Do That

‘Women don’t owe you beauty’ from Ywouldudothat
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