Gokcen Yuksek the Pop Surrealist Artist from London

Gokcen Yuksek is an artist known for her paintings and 3D printed sculptures. Working within the realm of pop surrealism, her work centres upon the adventures of a main central character.

‘Devolution’ her debut exhibiton at BSMT Space explores the journey of her. Often entering a futuristic world where different possibilities are offered. Taking inspiration from nature as well as emotions and perceptions of the world.

Gokcen Yuksek at her studio in East London


Gokcen’s journey towards ‘Devolution’, has been one of taking chances. Previously better known as a 3D printer, she shows me her first painting, a blue long haired woman. A friend, intrigued by her printing work, asked if she painted and had any work that could show in an upcoming exhibition. Not wanting to turn the opportunity down she said yes and then got to figuring out what she could create afterward. That instinctive ‘yes’ only three and a half years ago, set a new avenue for Gocken to explore and develop her work.

Artists of the East End Video

Video interview as part of the Inspiring City ‘Artists of the East End’ series

3D Printing

3D printing is also still clearly a passion and Devolution has a number of original 3D sculptures within it. She lights up when talking about her printing machine. Set in the corner of her living room. It nestles next to an easel and beside an array of paintings and mini-sculptures. It’s clearly a pride and joy and actually acquired through winning first place in a 3D printing character competition. Another last minute chance taken and one that resulted in her being further able to explore her character designs.


Emotional Release

Emotional release is how Gokcen describes the initial approach to her work. Having feelings and thoughts and needing to get it out there. “I don’t do speeches so that’s how I release it, through paintings” she tells me. Eventually evolving to a more idea led approach with the love of painting coming first and foremost. “The visual will come first and then the meaning will come”. First picturing the idea then thinking “well what does that mean for me”.

Early Influences

Steampunk and sci fi were early inspirations for many of her concepts. This idea that when people might have thought of the future in the age of steam, they could only visualise that future through the lens of what they knew. “The planes are steam machines, the planes are steam machines, everything is steam machines”. The fun of steampunk art is to create artwork of inventions that could never have existed.

Gokcen Yuksek in her studio


The girl featuring within Gokcen’s work is always the same but one which changes over time. “I wanted her to have a static but impactful look” she says. “A little creepy but cute at the same time to give a slightly uncomfortable contrast”. Inspired by the world of pop surrealism the face will change as the style develops. “She’s the part of the painting that makes the style unique and interesting I think”.

Gokcen Yuksek was interviewed as part of the Inspiring City ‘Artists of the East End‘ series on 16 February 2023. Her first solo exhibition ‘Devolution’ is showing at BSMT Space gallery from 2-19 March 2023.

Wish Bubbles
Gokcen Yuksek in her first interview prior to Devolution at BSMT Space

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