Elno the Spanish street artist making her mark on London

It’s a couple of years since we first met Spanish street artist Elno. First appearing on the London scene during the 2014 Femme Fierce festival.

There, with her pink hair blending into the bubble pink walls of the tunnel, she was painting what would become one of her recognizable colourful characters.  Itself adorned with splashes of green, it was the first time we’d seen her work and it was good to see.

Not speaking much English at that time, Elno came to London with the intention of making a fresh start.   Now just over two years on we are speaking pretty comfortably as we share a cup of tea in her studio.  We’re here ironically because a documentary is being made on Femme Fierce, made by Dpict Media, it will tell the story of the festival over the past two years.

Street Artist Elno interviewed for a Femme Fierce documentary by Dpict Media

Elno Street Artist

Elno’s work has been a regular on the streets of the city.  This year alone we’ve covered her work a number of times as she she painted in Blackall Street at a couple of paint jams. It’s hard to miss.  The style she introduced to the city back in 2014 has been honed and the images stand out more.

Colour, says Elno, is important to her.  You can tell her mood by the colour of her hair. Today is blue, it means she is thoughtful, reflective even.  When she wears pink or red, it’s her heart ruling the roost, a passionate person she says she needs to be careful not to let the red side take over.

Elno the spanish street artist now living in London
Elno the Spanish Street Artist

Although bright on the walls, Elno’s preferred style is darker, she likes to use ink on her drawings in the studio.  A small show in Camden last year showcased some of those drawings to good effect.  A background too in set design she has also designed tattoos, a number of which she proudly displays.

The street art though in London is some of the best around says Elno.  With an appreciative public it means that she feels part of a community not only including the artists but with the photographers, bloggers and fans too.  It’s all part of a scene which makes living in London a rich experience.

For the full interview with Elno have a listen to this podcast:

Elno was interviewed in her studio on Tuesday 12 April 2016.  You can see more of her work from earlier this year featured in previous Inspiring City articles here and here or take a look at the gallery below:

Elno Gallery

In her studio with some cool slippers and some of her work in the background
Art in the studio
elno blackall street
Painting in Blackall Street earlier this year
elno montys bar
In Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane wearing a flying toast mask
Elno hackney wick
Hackney Wick
elno blackall street
Blackall Street
Elno Brixton
On the side of Pop Brixton
elno rob wilson jnr
Elno with her piece from Femme Fierce 2015 (photo by Rob Wilson Jnr)
elno pinch
Taking part in the Pinch project from ‘Art No Cube’
elno croydon
Painting in Croydon
Elno Ben Naz
Mural in Leake Street
Elno Art in Camden Market
A painted shed in Camden
Completed piece from Femme Fierce 2014
Elno from Spain
Next to her work at Femme Fierce 2014
Elno boots Brixton
Cool painting boots
elno inspiring city
hanging out after the interview
An interview with Elno from 2020. Part of the Art Online series


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