Nomadic Community Gardens just might be one of the coolest spots to hang out in London right now

From a barren patch of waste ground to a bustling hive of share and share alike community goodness, the Nomadic Community Gardens has evolved dramatically over the past year and it’s quite remarkable to see.

Like a massive den for adults, the gardens sit next to the railway in an area of town not necessarily known as a go to destination.   Once an unappealing patch of scrub next to a brick arch, it was once so unimpressive that the producers of hit TV series Luther practically took out a lease for whenever they needed to film some grime ridden section of East London.

A wooden caravan known at the Maple Sugar Shack in the Gardens

Now, the brick arch is still there and still not particularly appealing but the scrub is just not comparable.  Filled with garden boxes where members of the nearby community can grow their own produce, it’s brought allotments and the idea of grow your own back into the heart of the city.

A kindness boutique has even been set up, you know the kind of thing where you can leave clothes for people to take who may be in more need than yourself.  Contained within the boutique are ‘birdhouses of positivity’ (already an amazing name) where you can leave positive messages for others to read.

A boat, a metal horse, some street art and the outline of the city

Wandering around the gardens it seems like a different world entirely.  Just a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane, last year it hosted the Meeting of Styles street art festival and art from that event can still be seen in the dominant wall overlooking the site.  In fact we’ve popped over a few times since that event and there’s often something new art wise to see.

There are a couple of coffee shops (kind of) and a few other booths the purpose of which is not immediately apparent.  There’s also a campfire, some lizards made out of tyres, a boat, some sofas and a lot of vegetables at various levels of growth.  It’s well worth a visit.

The Nomadic Community Gardens were visited on Saturday 16 April 2016.  They can be accessed via Pedley Street just off Brick Lane, head to Allen Gardens and go underneath the railway bridge.

Nomadic Community Gardens Gallery

Act of Kindness booth
Bird Houses of Positivity
Lizards made out of tyres
A random boat
Van with art from Louis Masai in amongst reclaimed wood
Meeting of Styles wall
Campfire in the middle of the gardens
A robot made out of scrap
Tyres and a chill out area
The grow boxes


  1. A fascinating and great place to visit for a great cup of tea and lots of street art

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  2. it’s changed a lot over the past year. last time i was there about 2-3 months ago, they were building the little place where the coffees are in your photos. lots more there now, judging by your photos. I’ve gone in a few times but felt a little self-conscious 🙂

  3. Great to see you giving the Nomadic Gardens such a thumbs up… Always enjoy visiting when I’m in that part of London… Reading your review Stuart makes me want to return very soon and I will when I get back from Slovenia at the end of the week..

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