Meeting of Styles 2018 returns to the Nomadic Community Gardens

Meeting of Styles, London’s biggest street art festival returned for 2018 and once again took over the Nomadic Community Gardens, the cool social space next just off to Brick Lane.

The centrepiece of the event is always the big wall which overlooks the gardens and dominates the proceedings. Possibly the biggest wall in the city which is available to paint, it gets refreshed each year with a multitude of artists collaborating together to make something spectacular.

meeting of styles 2018
The giant wall which overlooks the gardens is the centerpiece of the Meeting of Styles


This year the wall featured a variety of local and international artists with the likes Voyder, Fanakapan, Aches, Jay Kaes, Jeba, Jim Vision, Core246 and Irony creating a large scale computer desktop with each artwork as if opening up into a different window. It was another ambitious piece to pull off to say that the whole thing normally only has three days allocated to its painting.

Elsewhere spots in the gardens themselves, Pedley Street and Cheshire Street were all opened up to artists who spent the bank holiday weekend pretty much painting and partying. If there’s one thing to be said for the Meeting of Styles, it’s always a bit of a party atmosphere.


The gardens themselves also recently celebrated their third anniversary. It’s a space which over the years has grown from an empty piece of industrial scrubland to an organic oasis full with allotments, makeshift buildings and a whole host of greenery. The transformation in this area has been nothing short of remarkable and really shows off the community benefit of a project such as this.

But Meeting of Styles is really all about the art and indeed it is the meeting of different artists and the blend of their own styles which makes this such a vibrant and fun festival. So with that in mind, take a look at the styles on show…

Meeting of Styles was visited on 27 & 28 May 2018 and was located in the area around the Nomadic Community Gardens off Brick Lane in London. To see art from previous years of the event, check out these posts from 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014.

Meeting of Styles Gallery

The Main Wall

Featuring Voyder, Fanakapan, Aches, Jay Kaes, Jeba, Jim Vision, Core246 and Irony. The main wall is the centrepiece of the meeting of styles as it’s all about the artists working together and blending together in order to make something spectacular.

meeting of styles 2018
Looking high out over the gardens
jim vision meeting of styles
Jim Vision, one of the organisers of the event and an artist himself, next to a piece from Voyder
fanakapan meeting of styles
Fanakapan finishing off his section of the main wall
The completed Voyder piece
Aches meeting of styles 2018
Work from Aches from Dublin
samer meeting of styles 2018
Samer in action on the main wall
jeba meeting of styles 2018
Jeba in action on the main wall
meeting of styles
Core 246 by his piece of the main wall

Inside the Gardens

The gardens themselves are hugely popular with lots of walls and boards on which to paint. The art blends in and just becomes part of the surroundings and the backdrop. Ever changing it gives the place a unique atmosphere. Stand out pieces for me in the gardens were from Woserski, Ed Hicks, Elfin and Elno.

Welcome to the Gardens from Woserski
meeting of styles
The butterfly village just one of many cool things to see inside the gardens
meeting of styles
Art and music fans in the gardens
meeting of styles
Joe Furr painting in the gardens
ed hicks meeting of styles
A landscape from Ed Hicks
meeting of styles elno
Elno in action inside the gardens
meeting of styles 2018
Live music was played throughout the festival
meeting of styles stedhead
Work from Stedhead inside the gardens
Elfin piece on boards inside
Everything is going to be fucking amazing
The Real Dill
A lovely moment with Elno and Morgandy


Elno having fun by her piece

Outside the Gardens

Just outside the gardens there is a railway which separates it from the public space of Allen Gardens. A path then runs up in the space between the railway and the gardens towards Whitechapel. All this space is now used for painting and featured the likes of Envol, Minto, Reves, Xenx and Balstroem.

envol meeting of styles
Envol working just by the bridge outisde
balstroem meeting of styles
Balstroem on a spot directly outside the main entrance to the gardens
Collab wall with HotKoye and Enora One
Reves One piece next to the gardens
meeting of styles minto
Piece from Minto on the scrubland next to Allen Gardens
Xenx on the path leading up by the gardens
Dynamic Art painting just in front of the entrance

Pedley Street 

An incredibly popular spot, Pedley Street is one of the prime areas to paint in the city. This time the Nomad Clan and Dan Kitchener took the main walls on the street with the likes of ‘This One’, Tom Blackford & Ewan Ewan, Carleen De Sozer and Gent all also painting some substantive pieces in one of the key street art areas of the city.

dan kitchener meeting of styles
Dan Kitchener on the Kinkao wall
nomad clan meeting of styles
One of the main walls from the Nomad Clan on Pedley Street
This One meeting of styles
This One also with a main wall on Pedley Street
gent meeting of styles
Gent painting on the old Shoreditch Station
Tom Blackford collaboration with Ewan Ewan on Pedley Street
Carleen De Sozer on Pedley Street

Cheshire Street and the Tunnel

At the back of the gardens there is a disused access tunnel which presumably at some point supported the railway. Not anymore though, now it supports art. The tunnel itself leads to a stairway which leads to a footpath over the railway towards Cheshire Street. Both areas either side of the footbridge were opened up for painting with Morgandy and Curtis Hylton taking the Cheshire Street side and Sky High, Roo, Jerome Davenport, Captain Kris, The Real Dill and a number of others taking the tunnel end.

Morgandy’s flowing lines on Cheshire Street
A fish from Curtis Hylton on Cheshire Street
Sky High piece in the tunnel
Hull Graffiti in the tunnel
Jerome Davenport in the tunnel
The view from the pedestrian bridge from the tunnel to Cheshire Street
meeting of styles the real dill captain kris
The Real Dill and Captain Kris painting on the staircase of the tunnel


  1. Ammmmmmmmazzzzzzzzing artists in an amazzzzzzzzzzing setting once again doing their ammmmazzzzing stuff for the love of art!!!!!! Quite ammmmmazzzzzzing indeed……

  2. I really wanted to go to the event this year but have been ill for most of May so I didn’t get to go, so I’m happy to see your photos of the day. I had a quick look on Saturday. A few of the pieces are painted over already, but I was so impressed with the big wall this year and their take on using the wall as a canvas to display the artwork in “Adobe Photoshop” virtual application view.

    1. I need to get back to see the fully finished piece on the big wall. It was looking great though I agree 😀

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