The Nomadic Community Garden in London and where to find it

It’s been a year since we last featured the ever evolving feast that is the Nomadic community garden. A community project, it can be found nestling behind Brick Lane on a patch of scrubland in an alley between two railway lines.

The development of this space over the past few years has transformed what was a wasteland into an organic commune type of development. Buildings made from found materials, street art, sculpture and allotments all fit within the space which for years had been fenced off and overgrown.


The main wall in the gardens and the centerpiece for the Meeting of Styles festival


This time last year we had a wander around and we said that the nomadic community garden just might be the coolest place to hang out in London right now.  Like a “giant den for adults” our advice was to get along to see it and now that we are well into spring, the gardens are coming into life once more and they’ve grown a lot since last year.

A makeshift theatre has also now been added to the makeshift bars and coffee shops. There’s even a space that sometimes doubles as an art gallery.  This is an experiment in social regeneration which seems to have done good.  Left to their own devices the community have transformed what really was an unappealing area of town into a chilled out hangout where anyone is welcome.


The gardens are a bit of a playground for street artists with works such as these from Pablo Kiran and Elno


It’s also the location for this years London edition of Meeting of Styles and it’s been the centre piece for that event for the past few years now.  The gardens boast one particularly eye-catching wall and the murals created on that have been spectacular collaborative efforts.

There’s also plenty more art to see.  Just wander around the gardens and it is everywhere and it’s not just street art, wander round and you’ll see paste ups and sculptures made out of just about anything.


A pop up cafe built entirely from found materials

So have a look and wander around if you get a chance.  The garden will be there until such time a more permanent development will be erected on the space.  At the moment the owners, Network Rail, have gifted the land for it to be used providing there is a good community benefit in doing so. It won’t last forever though because however altruistic that is, in the East End of London these days the money of development seems to trump all.

The Nomadic Community Garden was visited on 14 April 2017 and last featured on Inspiring City on 17 April 2016 and they’ve changed a lot since then.  The garden is best accessed via Pedley Street, a small alley just off Brick Lane. Follow the alley down to the park, take a left under the railway bridge and you’ll be there.  The website for the garden is here.

Nomadic Community Garden Gallery

Nomadic Community Garden sign

The sign at the entrance of the Nomadic Community Garden by JDK

nomadic community gardens

A sculptured fist

nomadic community gardens

The birdhouse of positivity area


Street art on the walls


A woman made from tyres with work from Artista in the background


Seating areas are dotted all around


Haunting work from Elfin with some random upturned legs

nomadic community gardens

Elfin piece with other sculpture


Street art


Makeshift buildings on the site


The portaloo area


Anime eyes


Tyres and a toilet sign


Painted loos


the makeshift gallery with work from This One on the front


sneaky paste up from JDK


JDK’s paste ups can be found dotted around the gardens


Flying fish on a van


Alo piece next to the recycled wood area


Metal sculpture and art from Zadok

nomadic community gardens

The main wall

nomadic community gardens

Painted van


The theatre with the beginnings of a telephone box


View from inside one of the buildings


signage for the next Meeting of Styles


SSOSVA the Secret Society of Super Villain Artists

nomadic community gardens

A little bird made out of metal


Amy Winehouse piece from John D’Oh


Art at the exit


A totem pole made out of tyres

nomadic community gardens

The archway behind the gardens

nomadic community gardens

Panorama of the gardens