Meeting of Styles UK returns to Shoreditch in London for 2016

One of the biggest street art events of the year ‘Meeting of Styles’ has returned to Shoreditch for the third year running.  More specifically the Nomadic Community Gardens has hosted the event for the past two years.

As venues go, the gardens are pretty special.  An eco oasis in the middle of London’s East End.  Just round the corner from the busy vibrancy of Brick Lane it was until a few years ago a cordoned off strip of waste ground which was formerly a railway siding.

annatomix 2016 mos
Popular Birmingham based artist Annatomix showing off her balancing skills in the tunnel

Organised by the End of the Line crew and sponsored this year by Relentless the event took place over May bank holiday weekend and featured a number of artists we’ve featured on this blog before alongside a host of others coming especially for the event.

The set piece wall for the event is the giant side of a railway access tunnel, it’s one of the biggest walls in the area available for artists to paint on although it’s access is strictly restricted to this one event.  It’s previous iterations over the past two years have been impressive with multiple artists using cherry pickers to add their sections to what ultimately becomes an epic collaboration.  You can see results from 2014 here and 2015 here.

neonita mos
Neonita van painting in the gardens


Meanwhile just behind the wall, the access tunnel itself has also been opened up as a painting spot. Normally off limits from street artists it did instead attract taggers and fly tippers resulting in a less than perfect atmosphere, if artists are allowed to freely paint in the tunnel beyond this event then there’s no doubt it will change the dynamics of the space. The likes of Annatomix and Airborne Mark in particular were two of the artists we know well who were breaking in the spot.

Finally around the corner on Pedley Street, Fanakapan and Louis Masai returned to an area of town they know very well although this time in a collaboration to raise awareness of dangers facing dolphins.  The duo’s joint effort pictures the dolphins as toys, Fanakapan creating toy balloon creatures and Masai creating toy patchwork ones.  The premise being that once they are gone, the only thing left will be the toy.   This piece though focused more on the way giant sea creatures are treated particularly those in captivity.

So anyway there was lots going on in what was a sunny bank holiday weekend.  The vibe in the gardens was great with music, food and plenty of drink.  Eventually this spot will go, it’ll be taken over by developments so enjoy it while it lasts, it’s a unique place and a fitting host for the London leg of the Meeting of Styles.

Meeting of Styles Gallery

DSC_1168 (1)
The Nomadic Community Gardens with work from Balstroem and Candie
mos 2016
Chilling out in the May sun
mos 2016
The giant wall painted by various artists
mos 2016
The dancefloor with the wall behind
mos 2016 perhaps contraption
‘Perhaps Contraption’ performing an imprompu gig
mos 2016
The gardens at night

Pedley Street Art

fanakapan mos
Fanakapan painting as part of his collaboration with Louis Masai
louis masai fanakapan mos
One of the stand out pieces from the event the collaboration between Fanakapan and Louis Masai is intended to draw attention to the plight of oversized sea creatures which are kept in cramped conditions for the enjoyment of the public.  They also suffer from over-fishing.
Sea creatures crammed in the tank


horror crew mos
Work from the Horror Crew with Louis and Fanakapan painting in the background
Eye from Voyder on Pedley Street
wum zum mos
Wum Zum
wrist mos

The Nomadic Community Gardens

elfin mos
Elfin at work
elfin mos
Completed piece from Elfin swimming with Polar Bears
zadok mos
candy lo mos
Candy Lo
candy lo mos
Candy Lo
candie mos
Candie from the Girls on Top crew
spzero76 mos
SPzero76 painting with Squirl
lost souls mos
SPzero76 and Squirl’s finished piece
spzero76 squirl lost souls mos
Spzero76 and Squirl also snuck in another one on a wall around the corner in Allen Gardens
tizer mos
Balstroem painting a van
DSC_1187 (1)
Sick Mushroom from Belgium
neonita mos
neonita mos
Van painting from Neonita
hull graffiti mos
Work from the guys at Hull Graffiti
King Raptuz mos
The British Lion by King Raptuz
Another of the stand out pieces from the day


The Tunnel

The tunnel next to the gardens was opened up for painting for the first time
annatomix mos
Annatomix painting a giant bird
annatomix mos
Completed piece from Annatomix
airborne mark mos
Airborne Mark painting in the tunnel
The finished piece from Airborne Mark
Completed piece from Krishna
thisone mos
Hanging rabbit from Thisone


The Meeting of Styles took place over the weekend of 28th and 29th May 2016 at the Nomadic Community Gardens in Shoreditch.



  1. Great coverage of the whole event Stuart. I’ve enjoyed individual pics on IG but exciting to see it all as a piece. And you captured the vibe well too.

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