Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong combine to create some compulsive beauty in Greenwich

We are back at the Ben Oakley for what is the first show this year for the shabby chic gallery under the covers of the new completely remodelled Greenwich Market.

There, Ben Oakley regular artist Yvonne Wayling has teamed up with Greenwich local Kim Tong to form a two women show showcasing the two different but complimentary styles of the artists.  Yvonne’s painted bottles merge with the Kim’s haunting natural imagery, it gives the show it’s name ‘A Compulsive Beauty’, it’s nice to look at but in many of the works there are things going on underneath.

The Ben Oakley Gallery

Speaking in the Aladdin’s art cavern on the 1st floor of the gallery, we have managed to scramble together a couple of fold away chairs.  It’s quieter than downstairs where the hustle and bustle of the opening night is beginning to get underway and the plan is to record a podcast which you can listen to below.

The two artists knew of each others work but the collaboration was new to both of them. You can tell they get on well, the conversation is flowing between the two, having started initial ideas of working with each other just over 4 months ago.

Kim Tong’s practice consists of layered, glazed oil paintings that combine figurative, symbolic and abstract elements as well as digital prints, drawings and etchings. Wayling meanwhile studied Fine Art at Loughton College during the 70’s. Going on to major in Graphic Design she graduated in 1984 as a fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

It’s clear by the atmosphere in the gallery that this has been an anticipated show.  The two artists have strong connections with Greenwich and the area around it so it feels right that for the first show of the year, it is two locals who are launching the show.

‘A Compulsive Beauty’  by Kim Tong & Yvonne Wayling is showing at the Ben Oakley Gallery, 9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich, SE10 9JA from 22 April 2016 to 8 May 2016.  The preview evening was on Friday 22 April 2016. The Ben Oakley Gallery can be contacted via the website www.benoakleygallery.com  or directly via email info@benoakleygallery.com.  To listen to the podcast of the interview with Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong click here.

A Compulsive Beauty Gallery

Kim and Yvonne outside the gallery
Yvonne Wayling’s stencil and spraypaint on canvas
Bambi, a compelling beauty from Kim Tong
Yvonne’s bottles in ice
Kim and Yvonne’s work in the gallery
kim tong
Pouncing cat from Kim Tong
yvonne wayling
Yvonne Waylings cabinet of curiosity
Kim Tong and Yvonne Wayling ‘A Compulsive Beauty’

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