Blackall Street Paint Jam celebrates one full year of London Calling

Our friends at London Calling are celebrating one full year of blogging and what better way to mark the occasion than with an all out paint jam in one of London’s most popular painting spots.

The blog, which documents street art as it happens, has built up a great reputation over the year and become a staple of the blogging scene in the East End.  We’ve recommended them for a while and you find links to them and more in our blogs we love to follow section.

And for Blackall Street, it’s the second set piece paint jam we’ve covered this year having visited a couple of weeks before to record the all girl jam organised by Femme Fierce.  On that occasion London in January didn’t disappoint and it chucked it down, this time it was just “pretty cold”.

elno montys bar

Elno wearing an Artista mask hanging out in Monty’s Bar afterwards

Taking part, the likes of Giusi Tomasello, Gary Alford, Olivier Robieau, New Art Rioter, Elno, Zina, Frankie Strand, Mutiny, Artista, Seeds One, Furia and Morgandy all turned up, paints in hand to decorate spots on the street supplied by street art organisers Global Street Art. Needless to say the art didn’t disappoint and following on from the antics earlier in the month, Blackall Street is starting to look pretty good.

So, the purpose of a paint jam is of course to create new art and for blogs like ours it’s our job to hang out, be cool and take awesome photos so here they are and happy birthday to London Calling.

The paint jam in Blackall Street took place over the weekend of 23 and 24 January 2016.  Our previous feature on the the paint jam earlier in the year can be found here.

Blackall Street Paint Jam Gallery

WP_20160123_17_16_00_Pro (2)

Giusi Tomasello finishing off her work on the first day

blackall street

Blackall Street with unfinished work from Olivier Roubieu


elno blackall street

Elno in action finishing up her piece


The finished piece from Elno

seeds one

Seeds One was trying something different for the new year and painted this atmospheric Anonymous duo

seeds one blackall street

Seeds finishing off his Anonymous piece

giusi tomasello

Giusi Tomasello’s tribute to David Bowie


Giusi’s finished work

gary alford blackall street

Next to her Gary Alford painted a portrait of Nick Cave who had said that his music was inspired by Bowie


New Art Rioter’s green haired lady

zina blackall street

Zina decided to use the jam to try something totally different and wrote ‘Recognize’ in orange and yellow.  Still keeping a blue background though.


Frankie Strand drew a dolphin with its insides coming out next to a piece from Kaes


A quick flying toast throw up from Artista


Artista and Morgandy painted a collaboration with each other


Morgandy and Artista collaboration


Golden-Shouldered Parrot from Jane Mutiny


Skeleton Cardboard



Portrait of Donald Trump by Furia ‘Democracy even when an idiot has a say’

WP_20160124_17_32_10_Pro (2)

Furia even made his artwork interactive by providing eggs for people to pelt it with.  You can read more about that piece in a follow up article here.