Wom Man Paint Jam at Allen Gardens in Shoreditch

The Wom Man paint jam took place in Shoreditch’s Allen Gardens. The premise, a series of collaborations between female and male street artists. Working together they created a suite of murals running alongside the wall of the overground rail line.

Layla Cope adding detail to the background of her work with Coar


According to the Wom Collective the whole idea of the jam was to show “how strong creativity can be when you bring the energies together”. These are the energies that can be created when people of different genders and personalities collide. Looking at the collaborations themselves you get a sense of how they have blended and worked together. Ultimately they say, this small act of togetherness can go a long way to building a world where “respect, love and balance will be the tools by which to teach a new generation”.

Atila adding some finishing touches to his piece with Curiouser & Curiouser

The Wom Man paint jam was held on 26 June 2022. It was organised by the Wom Collective and featured a series of collaborations between male and female artists.

Dave Plant & Spiral

Confusion the finished piece from Dave Plant and Spiral. The piece is a commentary on identity and the duality that both sexes have within them. The work takes this idea one step forward and introduces technology suggesting that this might be the next evolution in the name of progression of the species. Photo courtesy of Dave Plant
Dave Plant painting with Spiral. “We are in a confusing age where people don’t know or want anymore, their self or don’t recognise themselves” said Dave Plant about the context for the piece

Carleen De Sozer & Glor

Carleen De Sozer collaboration with Glor
Glor’s letters acting as a mask on Carleen’s portrait

Grown & Casem

Character by Grown with a graff headpiece from Casem
Looking back towards the railway bridge with piece from Grown and Casem in the foreground

Atila & Curiouser and Curiouser

‘Together’ a piece from Atila and Curiouser & Curiouser
Curiouser and Curiouser with Atila working on the mural

Coar & Layla Cope

Letters from Coar (writing Skoar) with Wolf from Layla
Coar adding detail to his letters
Coar and Layla with the twins

Damita & Abraham

Two portraits from Damita and Abraham
Damitta’s resting portrait
Abraham is known for his monochrome images

Owe & Apparan

A dystopian pizza eating frenzy from Owe and Apparan. It is based loosely on the 60′ short film ‘The Flat’ by Jan Svankmajer
Work from Owe to the left and Apparan to the right

Tash Creates & Intikvna

Work from Tash Creates in the centre with style from Intikvna on either side
Intikvna with Tash Creates by their mural

LeSpleen & Kapochino

A wild psychedelic piece from Lespleen and Kapochino. The mural is a celebration of nature and its being. The connection between the artists palpable.
Mural with the overground rushing overhead. The artists chose an eclectic approach to the piece and just free flowed where the work would go. Both artists have been influenced by plant medicine and the connection that can give with nature and its surroundings.

Morbid & Loans

Loans style coming out of the dystopian feline future from Morbid

Elno & Core

Elno’s character surrounded by Core’s letters
Closer detail of Elno’s work with Core

Maikel Walkman & Vane MG

Vane MG with Maikel Walkman
Vane MG is known for her female characters with wind vanes
A lizard from Maikel Walkman

Tamoonz & Sidok

Tamoonz with Sidok
Style by Sidok oozing out from one of Tamoonz’s characters

Tizer & Nix

Tizer and Nix collab
Nix on the ladder adding some final touches to her collaboration with Tizer

Sam Pickett & Curtis Creationz

This is Lost Boy aka Sam Pickett with Curtis Creationz

This One & Lours

This One collaboration with Lours
Black and white birds from This One with a ruffled elephant by Lours

Buhloonhead & Buritto

Buhloonhead and Buritto collaboration underneath the tunnel

Jane Mutiny & Damian Jaques

Collaboration between Jane Mutiny and Damian Jaques underneath the bridge. The bird is a Jackdaw one of the Crow family. It’s part of a series of works currently being explored by Mutiny. “I love their intelligence and social behaviour” she says. “They can be so similar to us”.
Mutiny works on the main figure of the bird whilst Damian Jaques adds the intersecting lines. Photo courtesy of Jane Mutiny
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