Miss Printed and her Collage on the Streets of Aberdeen

Mini worlds have been appearing in Aberdeen. Look carefully and they are there. Hidden away in the crevices and cracks of the street. The work of Dutch artist Miss Printed, she is an artist known for her collage. Always creating and scouting for new locations. As soon as she stumbles upon the right place. That’s where her mini artwork will be placed.

Artwork by Miss Printed in Aberdeen
Smoking the Fresh Air of Aberdeen

Nuart Aberdeen

In Aberdeen for the Nuart Festival of 2022, Miss Printed’s work is on an altogether different scale. Very different to the huge murals which have started to loom large. Nuart though is a festival that recognises the power and importance of mini, often ephemeral street interventions.

Artwork by Miss Printed in Aberdeen
Salt in your hair

Built to Last

Certainly no-one expects Miss Printed’s work in Aberdeen to last. The weather for a start would have a say in that. Eager art spotters coming across the work might also be tempted to pick it up and take it for themselves. Intrigued by the notion that such a mini-artwork should find itself there for the picking.

Collage artwork by Miss Printed for the Nuart Festival in Aberdeen
Caught in a Draught

Joy and Wonder

But that’s not the purpose. For Miss Printed her work in Aberdeen is about bringing a little joy and wonder. Stumbling across her artwork can cause a little flutter of excitement. Placed out in the open her collages have found their place. Little worlds have now been created which anyone can stumble upon and explore.

For my Ukrainian Sister


Topics such as climate change, pollution, the loss of habitat and war are all areas that Miss Printed as an artist is interested in. Her inspirations known more to herself than to the people that might find the works. Interpretation is key and so long as people smile when they see them, that’s all that matters.

Collage work in Aberdeen by Miss Printed
Jelly Fishing


It was for this reason that Miss Printed started creating collages in the first place. Initially only wanting to bring happiness to a friend at a difficult time. Finding herself unable to travel to give comfort in person, she would create mini postcards out of collage. Each week she would send one and found that the connection it gave helped everyone.

Miss Printed artwork in Aberdeen
Welcome to the show

Beauty is in the Streets

Based in Norway, Miss Printed knows the Nuart Festival well. It was there in Stavanger that the whole festival began and it didn’t take much to convince her to travel over the North Sea. Her work is about connection with the streets. To discover her collages you need to be curious, to look and to want to explore. With Miss Printed the beauty really is in the streets.

The Nuart Festival took place in Aberdeen between 9-12 June 2022. Miss Printed was one of eleven artists taking part in the event. Her work is based around collage and how they might be interpreted when placed in the streets. All photos in this post are courtesy of Miss Printed.

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