Murals of the 2022 Cheltenham Paint Festival

The Cheltenham Paint Festival returned to the town with another series of murals for 2022. Starting in 2017 the event represents the fifth time the festival has taken place.

Mister Samo mural on Princess Elizabeth Way

Featuring a range of local, national and international artists, the Cheltenham Paint Festival has become quickly established on the street art scene. It’s become known for it’s intimacy as well as for the quality of its curation. Painted walls also tend to stand the test of time. Very much the philosophy of the event is to try and break new ground for street art. Many of the new walls are occupying spaces never previously opened up to the medium.

Caryn Koh mural on Aggs Pavillion

Major Murals

Key murals this year saw a further three large scale pieces added to the apartment blocks of Princess Elizabeth Way. Situated just on the outskirts of the town, the murals here have added a new lease of life to the area. Full of colour and vibrancy it’s become an impressive street art gallery. Mr Cenz, Pogo, Mister Samo and Sophie Mess added to works already there from Jody, Dan Kitchener and Inkie.

Murals on Princess Elizabeth Way in Cheltenham
Murals by Sophie Mess and Jody

Returning Artists

Festival favourites Curtis Hylton, Peachzz, Pogo, Philth and Inkie also all painted notable walls. All artists having previously painted several times in Cheltenham. Other walls of note included a large piece from Bristol based Hazard on Gloucester Road and Caryn Koh on the side of Aggs Pavillion. Locations such as the North Place car park and the Honeybourne Line also attracted a multitude of new and returning artists.

Mural by Peachzz on the side of the Coconut Tree pub

Map of Street Art in Cheltenham

A map showing all the street art locations in Cheltenham incorporating murals and painting locations from 2017 to 2022.

Cheltenham Paint Festival Murals of 2022

Aggs Pavillion – Caryn Koh, Cherie Strong, Jonny Arnold, Segar684, Unity, The Art of Sok & Smak

The popular Aggs Pavillion is a gardeners outhouse in the middle of Pittsville Park. It’s become a popular spot for street art and always gets a fresh lick of paint for the Cheltenham Paint Festival. Painted on all four sides, two were given over to collaborations. Segar684 and Unity joining forces on one whilst The Art of Sok and Smak combined on the other. Caryn Koh, most recently known for her works at Upfest added to that series of works with her piece here. Called ‘Nest’ it once again featured her trademark red string. Cherie Strong and Jonny Arnold shared a wall but added their own pieces.

The Art of Sok & Smak
‘Nest’ by Caryn Koh. The piece represents the sense of safety and security when friends come around to be there for you
Segar684 & Unity
Jonny Arnold
Cherie Strong

Central Stores, St Pauls Road – Inkie

Another popular Festival artist returning for 2022 is Inkie. The Bristolian artist replaced a piece from Johnman which had previously been painted on the Central Stores shop on St Pauls Road. Featuring one of Inkie’s distinctive art nouveau inspired women the lettering on the piece reads ‘St Pauls’ which is the area of town the mural can be found.

Inkie’s mural on St Pauls Road pays tribute to the area and to Julian a local shopkeeper who passed away recently

Cheltenham Town Football Club – Various Artists

League One Cheltenham Town won promotion last season and now they’ve taken to plunge in becoming a location for street art. The car park boasts a number of new works painted on hoardings and these add to another recent mural from Dice67. That piece celebrates some of the key moments of the football club’s history.

Cheltenham champions mural from Andy ‘Dice’ Davies
Saor, Kosc and Mudra

Coconut Tree Pub, Hanover Street – Peachzz

Peachzz is a regular artist at the Cheltenham Paint Festival and she returned for 2022 with a blue tailed bee eater. The bird is shown as if placed on a Sri Lankan stamp. Also shown in the image is a Poya, a full moon which is celebrated by a holiday when it appears. The piece was inspired by the local Sri Lankan restaurant just down the road from the Coconut Tree pub on which the mural was painted. Other pieces from Peachzz can be found on the High Street and on Elm Street

A Blue Tailed Bee Eater on a Sri Lankan stamp. The mural is on the side of the Coconut Tree pub
Mural painted by Peachzz who has been a regular contributor to the paint festival

Cotswold Road – Shona Hardie and KMG

A little further out of town on Cotswold Road is a collaboration between Scottish artists Shona Hardie and KMG Yeah. It shows some cartoon foxes from KMG with a pair of roosters from Shona in the middle. The piece was inspired by the rooster living behind the wall and the foxes from the nearby pub.

Shona Hardies roosters in between cartoon foxes from KMG
KMG’s friendly foxes with work from Shona Hardie

Holiday Inn Express – Curtis Hylton

Another festival favourite, Curtis Hylton created another large scale piece with this peacock on the side of the Holiday Inn Express. His work this time incorporating the colours of the branding from the holiday express sign. Hylton’s work blends different elements of the natural world together with flowers making up the body of the bird. Other pieces by Curtis Hylton can be seen on the High Street, Winchcombe Street, Cleeveland Road and on the Hesters Way Community Centre.

A peacock made with flowers on the Holiday Inn Express

Henrietta Street – Philth

Returning to Cheltenham for his first solo wall in the town was Philth. Previous works from the artist had resulted in collaborations on Cleeveland Street and Elm Street both of which can still be seen. Philth’s William Morris esque ‘Cheltenham Pattern’ mural was designed just for the festival.

‘Cheltenham Pattern’ by Philth on Henrietta Street

Honeybourne Line – Assorted artists

Another of the popular regular painting spots for street art in Cheltenham is along the Honeybourne Line. A popular walking route it once used to be a rail line though that has long since gone. Key locations along the route include a pair of tunnels which run under St Georges Road and the bridge a little further along.

Assorted artists on an old rail bridge turned footpath on the Honeybourne Line. Featuring work from Natasha Kirby Designs in the foreground
Main mural on the Honeybourne Line Tunnels painted by Box Vincent and Frodrik. Previous works include the brick shark from PAD303 and a character from Silent Hobo
The tunnels run underneath St Georges Road and are legal painting spots in Cheltenham.

North Place Car Park

The North Place car park has a number of hoardings which have been popular spots for artists for a number of years now. Given the space available this is the main painting location for artists taking part in the main festival paint jam.

Joe Greenaway
Sam Art 34
Lost Dogs
Roo Abrook and Jay Sharples

Pittville Skatepark – Various Artists

Another of the paint jam locations for the 2022 Cheltenham Paint Festival was Pittville Skatepark. Located in Pittville Park it can be found just behind the boathouse cafe in the park. Here a number of artists added their work. This time artists including Apparan, Madderdoit, Nick Young, Georgie Webster, Nicciola the Drawer and Phasechan all took part.

Work from Apparan in the skatepark

Princess Elizabeth Way – Mr Samo, Sophie Mess, Mr Cenz, Pogo

First painted in 2020 the apartment blocks overlooking Princess Elizabeth Way have been rapidly transformed. Following this years Cheltenham Paint Festival a further three large scale murals were added to the four pieces already there. It’s transformed the estate into an impressive outdoor gallery. Adding their work this time were Pogo, Southseas Mister Samo and London based Sophie Mess and Mr Cenz.

Large mural by Pogo overlooking Dowty Road just off Princess Elizabeth Way. Photo courtesy of Pogo
‘You Are Loved’ from Mister Samo
Sophie Mess Flower
Portrait from Mr Cenz

Cheltenham Murals Map 2022

A map showing all the mural locations as part of the 2022 Cheltenham Paint Festival

The Cheltenham Paint Festival 2022 took place over the weekend of 30th and 31st July 2022. Inspiring City visited the town during August 2022 and all photographs were taken then. You can read more about the street art of Cheltenham here.

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