Paint Festival Brings Street Art to Worcester

Worcester Paint Festival was a street art festival which took place in September 2021. Featuring street artists from across the country, a number of murals were created as a result. Locations across the city centre were picked out with a few extra pieces to be found in some of the outlying streets.

Giant mural from Curtis Hylton on Cherry Tree Walk in Worcester

Curated by Kate Cox it’s the first time that Worcester has been able to put on a street art festival of this scale. Perhaps inspired by the exploits of nearby Cheltenham. There, just down the M5 several festivals have left a legacy of public art across the town. The same is now true in Worcester with another already planned for later this year.

Portrait of Ginny Lemon, the Dragrace UK contestant by David Puck

Worcester Paint Festival

Worcester itself is quite compact and so most of the murals are located within an easy to walk area. Some outliers take a little longer to get to but certainly all can be accessed within a day. The area with the largest concentration of works being around the Crowngate Bus station.

Mural from Philth at the entrance to the bus station

For this article we thought that we’d try and find the murals created as part of the Worcester Paint Festival. Not everything was covered but a lot of the main ones are. We’ve also included a few pieces created outside of the festival.

Worcester Murals

City Centre

The highest concentration of murals in Worcester sit in the city centre around the bus station and surrounding streets. Standout pieces from Curtis Hylton can be found on Cherry Tree Walk and from Jody and Pad303 on the top of the multi-storey car park.

Curtis Hylton is known for his blending of the natural world. This piece can be found on Cherry Tree Walk
Mural from Jody on the top of the Crowngate multi-storey
Pad303 mural on the top of the car park
Lose Yourself at the entrance to the bus station from Rob Draper
Mural from Philth at the entrance to the bus station
A bee at the top of the stairs of the bus station from Sweetheart Murals
Inkie piece overlooking Crowngate
Chroma Chameleons mural on the route to the station

North Worcester

A few pieces of street art can be found in suburban streets to the north. David Puck’s ‘Ginny Lemon’ sits next to a Catt Standen flower on Chestnut Walk. A little further away on Sansome Walk is an older pre-festival work from Estee Angeline.

Ginny Lemon by David Puck on Chestnut Walk
Flower by Catt Standen on Chestnut Walk
A piece by Estee Angeline on Sansome Walk painted as part of the ‘Love the Arbo’ festival in February 2021

East Worcester

Dotted around the streets to the east of the centre are several pieces though more spread out and with a little further to walk between. The stand out in this part of town is certainly Sophie Mess’s marvellous ‘Human Kind’ on the corner of St Pauls Street and George Street.

‘Human Kind’ a mural from Sophie Mess on the corner of St Pauls Street and George Street
Somewhere over the Rainbow mural from Rob Draper on St Pauls Street
Community mural created by local residents close to the piece by Sophie Mess
Estee Angeline and Adam Illes underneath Canalside Bridge on St Pauls Street

South Worcester

Possibly the works which require the most focus to get around to are those south of the city. The stand out in this part of town is probably Peachzz’s playful otters on the Riverside Path. Not only is the mural worth the visit but the view along the river to the cathedral is stunning. A good few miles outside of town a further work can also be seen from Philth at a local garden centre though that definitely needs a car. Inkies smaller piece on a wall from the old Royal Porcelain Works is however much more accessible.

Dancing otters from Peachzz on the side of Worcester Sea Cadets on the riverside footpath
Inkie mural on the side of the Royal Porcelain Works

West Worcester

For the purposes of this article, West Worcester is essentially just Cripplegate Park. Here a number of works can be seen together and these include a piece from Andy ‘Dice’ Davies, the curator of nearby Cheltenham’Festival.

Shapes by Paul Monsters in Cripplegate Park
Piece from ‘IfStillLost’ at Cripplegate Park
Vik Void mural with a little piece from Andy Davies to the left
Sweetheart Streetart in the park
Local artist AcidTate
‘I bet you wish this was a Bansky’ mural by organiser Andy ‘Dice’ Davies

Worcester Murals Map

The Street Art Murals of Worcester were visited on 1 May 2022. Worcester Paint Festival took place during September 2021. You can read more about the festival here.

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