75 Walls painted in Bristol over 75 Days for Upfest 2021

Upfest is back in Bristol for 2021. Curtailed by the events of the pandemic, the team behind Europe’s biggest street art festival have taken a different tack to this years mural creation. Opting to spread things out the idea has been to paint 75 walls with murals over 75 days. instead of just over a week. It’s allowed for the same high quality production but without the complications of arranging a major event in the time of Covid.

Mural from Caryn Koh on Exeter Road for Upfest 2021

Centered around the North Street area of Bedminster, murals are springing up all around. Featuring a range of local, national and international artists the quality is as you would expect of Upfest. Initially the murals were planned to lead up to a smaller event in September though that has now been put back to May/June 2022. The primary reason being uncertainty around what restrictions might be in place by that time. This and the fact that the festival usually draws large crowds which some may not be ready for quite yet.

Insane51’s multi dimensional painting on the Tobacco Factory shows a woman holding a moon

75 Walls Painted in Bristol for Upfest 2021

So we are left without a major event for this year but we will have the legacy of the murals. Creating 75 walls full of street art in 75 days is no mean feat. indeed it is very ambitious and the murals themselves range in complexity. From giant feature walls to much smaller spots in locations around the area. Stand outs include murals from the incredibly skilled Greek artist Insane51 who is taking over the major wall on the side of the Tobacco Factory. Other large scale murals see Zabou take over the Redpoint Climbing Centre and Mr Penfold go up on a prime spot on East Street.

Portrait of Slim Safont by Zabou, the Spanish artist, on the Redpoint Climbing Centre

Featuring a range of artists, several are returning whilst others are new to the festival. Others have more of a background in studio work and illustration and are expanding their range. In terms of stand out pieces from those new to Upfest it’s hard to look past Liam Bononi’s astonishing ‘Religare’ on North Street and Caryn Koh’s ‘Sister & I’ on Exeter Road. Both beautifully painted murals they are superb additions to this years line up. Other highlights for me include Ant Carver’s continuation of his series of loss on Lime Road. Then on towards the bottom end of North Street SPzero76’s incredibly detailed ‘After the Robot Apocalypse’ and Epod’s epic remarkably abstract ‘fre.edom’.

Mural by Epod looking out over North Street

Table of contents

Map of the Upfest 75 Walls

The 75 walls in 75 days challenge has been curated for Upfest 2021. Originally planned to culminate in a weekend festival. This has had to be put back due to lingering concerns regarding the pandemic. All photographs unless otherwise stated were taken during visit s to Bristol during July and August 2021. For more information on Upfest click here.

Upfest Murals of 2021

At the time of writing this list contains all the walls that we know about. Most are completed and others have artists attached but they have not yet been started. There are also a few outstanding walls which are awaiting the artists to be confirmed. In total we have so far identified 73 walls either painted or due to be painted. We’ll be keeping an eye out and updating when they all reveal themselves.

Acerone & Andy Council – Argus Road

‘Challenge Corruption’ a collaboration between Andy Council and Acer One. The lettering from Acer is inspired by a quote from Kurt Cobain ‘It is the duty of youth to challenge corruption’. Andy Council’s snakes surround the piece perhaps representing the corruption of society. His central figure is based on a ‘Questing beast’. From Arthurian legend it has the head of a snake, body of a leopard, haunches of a lion and feet of a hart – instagram

Andrew Burns Colwill – Luckwell Road

Out of his depth. This piece from Luckwell Road shows some anonymous tory politicians along with Boris Johnson completely out of their literal depth in a swimming pool
Out of his depth – A familiar character

Angus – Hen & Chicken, North Street

Angus is well know for his mosaics at Upfest and his latest is on the Hen & Chicken pub

Ant Carver – Lime Road / North Street

‘The Hand We’re Dealt’ by Ant Carver. A continuation of the artists series of works exploring loss. According to the artist “over the past few months I’ve been using my paintings as a way to reflect on my experience with grief… Each element of the painting can be interpreted differently by the viewer but to me the candle represents the passing of time and the luxury it is for that to happen. The skull symbolises life and death and the cards reference the lottery of life and the hand we are dealt”.
The Ant Carver mural can be found on Lime Road

Aspire – Zero Green, North Street

Kingfisher from Aspire. The artist is known for his painting of birds. Exploring the silent habitats where they live he incorporates pixels which reference the fact that one day nature might just be reduced to an internet search.

Bex Glover – North Street

Deconstructing the organic world, Bex Glover explores shape and geometry using vibrant colours. Instantly recognisable she has depicted some hedgehogs for this piece on North Street.

Candie Bandita – Tobacco Factory, North Street

An 80’s style chrome and neon piece from Candie Bandita at the Tobacco Factory

Carla James – North Street / Exeter Road

“Positive vibes, tropical colours, the free spirit of the hummingbird and bringing all the love” – Carla James. This piece was restored following a series of attacks on a number of Upfest pieces

Caryn Koh – Exeter Road

Called ‘Sister & I’ the piece is about the “relationship between siblings. How we unknowingly grow apart and have our separate paths on life’s journey but there is that unbreakable bond that binds us together” – Caryn Koh

Cheba – East Street

“All in all your just another glitch on the wall” – Cheba. Bristol’s Cheba has adopted his glitch style on this wall on East Street for Upfest. It is painted in 90% fluorescent paint

Initially meant to be about physical and mental recovery. The mural took on an additional meaning following a spate of attacks on artworks created for Upfest. According to Copyright “brick by brick, one step at a time. REBUILD”.

Curtis Hylton – Chessel Street

Curtis Hylton is known for his blending of elements from the natural world. This piece on a residential house was inspired by the residents soon expected baby boy.

Dan Kitchener – North Street

Inspired from images taken by Dan from around the world, Kitchener has become known for how he plays with light and reflection.

Diff – Tobacco Factory, North Street

‘Rascism’ by Diff at the Tobacco Factory. “This problem is age old which needs locking up behind bars” – Diff. He also adds that he doesn’t much like scrabble either

Elaine Carr – Hen & Chicken, North Street

Abstract piece from Elaine Carr. This mural can be seen inside the courtyard of the Hen & Chicken

Emily Donald – Westbourne Grove

Swimmers from Emily Donald on Westbourne Grove just off East Street

Emily ‘Joy’ Rich – Tobacco Factory, North Street

Positive message from Emily ‘Joy’ Rich. She has taken inspiration from #youarenotaloneart. It is she says “Something that made me feel a bit better over the past year and a bit is that sooo many other people have been feeling the exact same way. And there’s always someone you can talk to. We’re all going through this together, you’re not alone friends”. – Emily ‘Joy’ Rich

Emma Philippa Maeve – Merry Wood Road

‘Vision’ from Emma Philippa Maeve on MerryWood road. Inspired by the landscapes of China, there is clearly a number of meanings which Emma has within the work. Viewers though are invited to bring their own interpretation to the piece.

Emotional Waterfall – Smyth Road

Aiming for a wall of ‘Joy’ it’s something the Emotional Waterfall has achieved with this large piece hidden away on a residential house on Smyth Road

Envol – Sweven Coffee, North Street

A perfect mix of abstract and realism from Envol. The piece has been restored following damage caused by a rogue tagger which affected a number of the earlier Upfest pieces

Epod – North Street

‘Fr.edom’ by Epod is on the side of the ‘Old Book Shop’

Farrah Fortnum – Lime Road

‘Forest on Fire’ The biggest mural to date for Farah Fortnum aka Farrah Contemporary Art. Inspired by eco systems and the sustainability of our planet her piece for Upfest draws attention to recent and current devastating forest fires. The piece shows an abstract but lush world being consumed with fire. Something that has literally been happening on the west coast of North America and in the bush of Australia. Speaking on her instagram Farrah said “I hope my ‘Forest on Fire’ mural will open your eyes and make you realise there’s so much life and beauty which we are destroying; and our eyes are wide open watching the horror. But it’s time to stop watching and start doing.

Fem Sorcell – North Street Standard

Sheffield’s Fem Sorcell piece at the bottom of North Street

George Harding – Stanley Street Garage

Awaiting Artwork Completion

Georgie Webster – Southville School, Myrtle Street

A homage to roller skating and disco balls from Georgie Webster next to Southville School on Myrtle Street

Hannah Edwards – North Street

Illustrator Hannah Edwards image of cyclists on North Street

Hannah McIvor – Riverside Garden Centre, Clift House Road

A botanical inspired piece inside the Riverside Garden Centre. Photo via Hannah McIvor

The Hass with Paul Monsters – Al’s Tikka Grill, Ashton Road

Collaboration between The Hass aka Hasam Kamil and Paul Monsters covering the side of Al’s Tikka Grill on Ashton Road. The portrait in the artwork is of Don Piper, a music producer. According to Kamil “The geometric shapes and abstractions that explode outwards across the wall are a visual representation of beats, rhythms and riffs morphing together to create something unseen /unheard” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Paul Monsters has collaborated on this piece on Ashton Road. His geometric patterns break up the artwork. According to the Hass it “breaks up the artwork creating an interesting composition that ties in with the often sporadic and experimental music that Don Piper produces”.

Hazard – North Street

Portrait from Bristol’s Hazard aka Harriet Wood overlooking North Street.

Hixxy – Kask, North Street

A stylised image of a woman from the 50’s with pear blossom taken from the artists allotment – Hixxy

Inkie – West Street

‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ by Inkie on East Street

Insane51 – Tobacco Factory, North Street

Greek artist Insane51 painting the major wall at Upfest on the side of the Tobacco Factory. The artist is well known in Bristol having painted twice before at previous festivals. His mural is the biggest of the 75 walls in 75 days project.
Mural by Insane51 on the Tobacco Factory. His mural is the biggest of teh 75 walls in 75 days project
‘NYX holding Serene’ – According to Insane51 “Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation and mothered other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death), with Erebus (Darkness). Her appearances are sparse in surviving mythology, but reveal her as a figure of such exceptional power and beauty that she is feared by Zeus himself. Selene is the goddess of the Moon. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun god Helios and the dawn goddess Eos. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens.

Irony – Hen & Chicken, North Street

Some resting pigeons from popular festival artist Irony on the Hen & Chicken pub

Jay Sharples – North Street (opposite Corks)

Abstract eye popping piece from Jay Sharples on North Street

Jody – Raleigh Road

A golden samurai from Jody on the corner of Raleigh Road and North Street

John Curtis – Bowden Locksmiths, West Street

Awaiting artwork completion

JXC – Hen & Chicken, North Street

JXC’s mural shows a fly collapsing to the ground after hitting a wall a number of times. Not the easiest piece to photograph given the angle but hugely impressive nonetheless. Angus’s flying mosaic ducks can also be seen in this picture

Kappa – Tobacco Factory, North Street

An experimentation with spray paint and colour from Kappa at the Tobacco Factory

Karl Read – Natwest Bank, North Street

‘Be Kind’ by Karl Read. The piece above natwest bank on North Street is about spreading positivity. It was inspired by his daughter who said that’s the phrase he should paint. The piece also features his two children in the mural.

Koe One & Paul Monsters – Opposite Halfords, West Street

A collaboration between Koe One and Paul Monsters opposite Halfords on West Street

Kleiner Shames – Argus Road / West Street

Abstract mural from Kleiner Shames on Argus Road just off West Street

Liam Bononi – North Street Standard

‘Religare’ a word meaning ‘reconnect’. The mural appears to show a man reconnecting with another version of himself

Martin Glover – Tobacco Factory, North Street

‘Gloverman’s Sign Mural’. A deaf artist himself Martin Glover aka Gloverman also leads tours for deaf people around the street art of Bristol. The piece at the Tobacco Factory shows interlinking hands signing in BSL.

Mazcan & Mishfit – North Street

A collaboration between two Brighton based artists Mazcan and Mishfit on North Street

Ments – East Street

Opposite Kaz’s Barbers on East Street sits this wonderfully fluid abstract piece piece from Ments

Mind Control – Tobacco Factory

A mural inspired by the ‘Hunt Saboteurs‘ an organisation which works directly to protect wildlife from huntsmen

Molly Mural – Hen & Chicken, North Street

In this piece is a hidden figure holding a triangle. It’s almost like a magic eye game to spot it… I read up on the symbolism of a triangle, and found a meaning that resonated with me, and inspired the design for this piece: ‘A triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation and a higher perspective. It is often used to mark the cycles of growth that lead to a higher state of being. Spiritually, it represents a path towards enlightenment or connection to an omnipresent being.’ – Molly Mural

Mr Penfold – East Street

Typically bright and brilliant abstract piece from Mr Penfold on East Street

Natasha Kirby – The Malago, Greville Road / North Street

Flowers by Natasha Kirby near the Malago on Greville Road

Nick Harvey – Tobacco Factory, North Street

Awaiting Artwork Completion

Oli T – North Street

‘Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now’ from Oli T on North Street

Peter Sheridan – The Old Brewery, Ashton Road

A hidden away little piece from Peter Sheridan on Ashton Road

Pikto Art – Coopers Arms

A boy with a slingshot firing at the Coopers Arms on Ashton Road from Pikto Art

Philth Blake & N4T4 – Coronation Road

Regular collaborators N4T4 and Philth painting together again on Coronation Road

Roo – East Street

Mural by Roo wrapping around the shutters and front door of ‘For the Pets’ on East Street

Rowdy – Redpoint Climbing Centre

Bristol’ own Rowdy decorating the top of the Redpoint climbing centre with his familiar crocodile

Sian Storey – Ebenezer Pocket Park, North Street

Two hummingbirds on this wall int he Ebenezer Pocket Park on North Street from Sian Storey

Silent Hobo – 57 Chessel Street

Sky High – Tapp & Barrell, Dean Lane

Mural from Sky High on the side of the Tapp & Barrell on Dean Lane

Party Animal, the ‘Rhino Raver’ from SMT is on North Street

SNUB – Ashton Road

Half way through this wall from SNUB on Ashton Road
The completed piece from SNUB on Ashton Road. It shows a man running down a tube tunnel

Sokem – Tobacco Factory, North Street

Letter piece from Soken inside the grounds of the Tobacco Factory

Sophie Rae – North Street

Colourful piece from Sophie Rae on this corner wall on North Street. Speaking about the piece, Sophie said “I think sharing art so publicly has to take the viewer into account and Bristol, I hope you like it and it maybe brightens your journey to wherever you’re heading when you walk past. Especially when it’s a grey, rainy day like it was when i finally got down to the wall to take this photo. I love you Bristol!
Mural by Sophie Rae part of the Upfest 75 walls

Sprite – Stanley Street

‘It’s okay not to be okay’ from Brighton based artist Sprite

SPzero76 – North Street

‘Freedom’ by SPzero76 on North Street. The characters are based on the artists ‘After the Robot Apocalypse’ comic.

Squirl – The Nursery, Bedminster

Abstract nature mural on the side of a house from Squirl

Tea One – West Street

Image of a musician by Tea One part the 75 walls in 75 days from Upfest
‘Absent’ by Teaone on a wall overlooking West Street. According to the artist “It depicts a musician, head down, face obscured by a hat, looking to be engrossed in playing the instrument. The other seats are empty and scattered. Is the audience yet to arrive, have they left or were they ever there? The piece is meant to be open to multiple interpretations. As simple as a musician practicing or the preoccupation of the creative process, the struggle of being a performer during the pandemic or a reference to street art & graffiti?”

Venessa Scott – Lime Road

‘Mancara’ Inspired by the visual language of African wax cloth. The piece is meant to add vibrancy to it’s surroundings bringing joy and positivity to all who see it.

Will Blood – The Spotted Cow, North Street

A skeletal Little Miss Sunshine from Will Blood by the Spotted Cow on North Street

Will Barras – St Francis Road, North Street

The first mural to go up as part of the 75 walls in 75 days project was this from official festival artist Will Barras.

Zabou – Redpoint Climbing Centre, Winterstoke Road

A portrait of Barcelona street artist Slim Safont. The artist Zabou had met him whilst painting in Kosovo. Her muses are often people she knows or has met.

Zase – Kaz’s Barbers, East Street

On the side of Kazs Barbers on East Street. Zase is a graffiti writer from Slovakia who has been active since 1996.


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