North Street Bristol, Graffiti and Street Art

One of the best places to find street art in the country is in North Street Bristol. Located in the south of the city in Bedminster, the street and the roads leading off it are packed full of street art.

The area isn’t alone of course, Bristol has a reputation for street art and graffiti which goes back years and for many, the city is the birthplace of the scene in the UK.  Look anywhere you like in the city and you’ll probably come across something, admittedly not all of it will be glorious but you will find something.


North Street is one of the more curated areas in Bristol.  It is on this street where the Upfest gallery sits and it is this gallery which lends its name to the Upfest festival which has grown massively in popularity in the 8 years in which it’s been running so far.

karl read north street bristol
Karl Read piece on North Street

The area around the gallery has, as a result, become one of the best places to see street art in the city.  Most of the work on North Street Bristol has emerged as a result of Upfest using the location for its street art festival and establishing a reputation for good quality mural curation.


Walking along the length of the street at a brisk pace might take around half an hour. Stopping to take pictures and sneaking up and down the various side streets were works and murals can be found, then give yourself at least an hour.  Watch out too, it’s a busy road and there are pieces all around.  It’s tempting to dart from one side to the other and back again to see everything but be mindful of the traffic.

When I visited I walked from the city centre and started at the Steam Crane pub at the southern end of the road, walking up to the Tobacco Factory where there are some great pieces.  You can go further too, if you have the time you could pop down West Street and head towards the Redpoint Climbing Centre. These areas aren’t featured in this post but they are near if you wanted to make an afternoon of street art searching.  But for now here are just some of the images that you might see if you ever did decide to potter along North Street.

my dog sighs north street bristol
My Dog Sighs piece a the beginning of North Street near the southern end of North Street on British Road
The Steam Crane pub on North Street in Bristol
skate park north street bristol
The skatepark next to the Steam Crane
john d'oh north street bristol
Stencil from John D’oh next to some work hoardings
north street bristol
Probably should know who this artist is but I don’t.  On the hoardings near the Steam Crane
north street bristol
Birdo on North Street
north street bristol mr bump
Mr Bump re-imagined by Sled One on Greville Street
caro pepe north street bristol
Little Miss Sunshine on a shutter from Caro Pepe
dale grimshaw north street bristol
Another masterpiece from Dale Grimshaw on Braunton Road
sokar uno north street bristol
Sokar Uno on Mount Pleasant Terrace
north street bristol
Not sure who this piece is by, it looks like someone calle ‘Flo Flip’ but I could be wrong
pichiavo bristol north street
Pichiavo piece just off North Street
gemma compton north street bristol
The Upfest gallery with work from Gemma Compton
north street bristol
Edgy looking grafter just over the road from the Upfest gallery
cosmo sarson north street bristol
Floating woman from Cosmo Sarson
china girl tile north street bristol
Fox with a can of noodle soup from China Girl Tile
miss wah north street bristol
Little Miss Hug from Miss Wah
inkie north street bristol
The best thing since sliced bread from Bristol legend Inkie
spzero76 north street bristol
No street in Bristol can do without a piece from SPzero76, here is his take on Mr Tickle
karl read north street bristol
Love this from Kark Read just over the road freom the Tobacco Factory
jody artist bristol north street
Beautiful portrait from Jody Artist
odeith bristol
The last Upfest fell just after the European referendum.  Here is Odeith’s take on the British people’s decision
leon keer tobacco factory bristol
Leon Keer piece in the car park of the Tobacco Factory
Citizen Kane piece in the car park of the Tobacco Factory
gemma compton copyright bristol
Lovely collaboration between Gemma Compton and Copyright
shok bristol north street
X ray skull from Shok-1 just opposite the Tobacco Factory
cheo bristol north street
Massive Mr Men mural by Cheo near Aldi next to the Tobacco Factory
cheo bristol
Cool characters from Bristol favourite Cheo

North Street Bristol was first visited in September 2016. For more articles featuring the street art of Bristol, check out:


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