Ant Carver Paints Mural with Meaning on Hanbury Street

A powerful and poignant mural has appeared from Ant Carver on Hanbury Street. The wall is one of the most prominent on the London street art scene. Taking a full two weeks to complete. The resultant image really is up there with some of the best street art ever to grace that wall.

We are used to seeing Ant Carver’s work. Known very much for his portraits. Generally realistic they are fused with graffiti imagery. The results are always striking and they’ve been regular features on the street end scene in London for a number of years now.

Completed Ant Carver mural on Hanbury Street
The latest mural on Hanbury Street painted by Ant Carver

Special Meaning

The mural is one which appears to have had special meaning to the artist. “Recently, I’ve been using my work as a way to reflect on loss” he explains on his instagram page. “I painted this mural on Hanbury Street to explore the idea of living in harmony with grief, and the solace I found in accepting its presence in my life. The 3 candles in the image are to honour a close friend and this mural is for him”.

Detail of skull from Ant Carver mural on Hanbury Street
Resting hands on a golden skull with rose and dice

The piece itself is full of symbolism. A woman rests against a golden skull next to which a white rose and a set of dice lay. She is staring straight ahead. Her chin resting on overlain hands, supported by the golden skull. Framing the woman on either side sit a candelabra and a jug containing flowers. On the candelabra, two of the candles are lit with one left unlit.

It’s not often that works on the street like this are only painted using brushes. That’s what happened here though and this explains a lot of the time taken. That and the fact that there is just so much detail contained within the piece. Get along to see it quick though. This is a popular wall and it’s only a matter of time before it gets painted over.

Ant Carver Hanbury Street Gallery

Early stages of the mural. Carver usually starts with the eyes
Adding detail to the face after a few days
Ant Carver painting his latest mural on Hanbury Street
The mural in it’s early stages
Ant Carver mural on Hanbury Street with woman resting on a skull
Completed mural with passer by
The mural with the famous ROA crane in the background
Completed mural on Hanbury Street by Ant Carver

The mural by Ant Carver on Hanbury Street was painted over 2 weeks from 25 July 2020 to 10 August 2020. Photographs were taken over this period. You can read a previous interview with Ant Carver here.

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