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Outside the Zone is an art agency in London. Founded with the intention of exhibiting new and emerging artists. They’ve been curating public art predominantly around the Shoreditch area since 2017. Operating as a nomad gallery they re-purpose space and produce pop up art experiences.

In particular Outside the Zone have become known for the managing of some of the key street art walls in the area. Partnering with places such as the Hoxton, Stella Dore, Underdog and Secret Art Galleries they also work directly with artists to give an extra platform to their work. Over the past 4 years Outside the Zone has supported over 50 pieces of street and public art.

Trix Mendez is the man behind Outside the Zone. A social entrepreneur he has been supporting the platforms growth since the beginning. Curating the art spaces and working with the artists to produce the final work. The end result has been a steady stream of art across areas including Old Street, Shoreditch and the Kingsland Road.

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10 Defining Moments from Outside the Zone

Such is the volume of work over the years choosing art that reflects what Outside the Zone is all about has not been easy. The pieces below are presented in no particular order but they give a sense of the type of curation which Outside the Zone has been supporting. Chosen by Trix Mendez the list features a cross section of some of the agencies most impactful pieces since 2017.

Aureielle Freoua – Mysterio

Dereham Place – Mural and Live Performance  – June 2018

The artist (Aureielle Freoua) was on a quest to produce a mural that made people dance. The artwork made the street come alive, and was the first OTZ public art project that included a live performance as well as a physical mural.

Trix Mendez
Mural by Aurielle Freoua painted for Outside the Zone in Dereham Place
Mural by Aureielle Freoua on Dereham Place. Created in June 2018 the piece included performance art to bring the piece alive

Elle Bareanus – This is Real

Batemans Row – Mural – March 2019

The artist (Elle Bareanus) produced a staggering mural both height and style that utilised both street and contemporary practices. The subject matter was powerful, assisted by the size of the work

Trix Mendez
Mural by Elle Bareaneu painted for Outside the Zone on Batemans Row
‘This is Real’ the epic mural from Elle Bareaneu on Batemans Row

Pablo Alison – Migrantes Valientes (Brave Migrants)

Dereham Place – Mural – October 2019

A photographer and graffiti artist, Pablo Alison has spent much of his life in Mexico. Working on the Mexican Migrant Trails he has been imprisoned, robbed and held at gunpoint. Though he has always remained committed to his art. Working with the Stella Dore Gallery he has been bringing his message to London. The mural on Dereham Place features words which represent the experiences of migrants who are often fleeing persecution.

Mural by Pablo Alison painted on Dereham Place in Shoreditch for Outside the Zone
Mural by Pablo Alison on Dereham Place in London

Lucy Flynn – Vox Billboard Project

Crooked Billet Project Space – Nov 2019

I met Lucy during the original Dragon Bar days with Ben Eine and many early street artists. Many years later we re-connected through the Stella Dore Gallery. Her artwork was stolen from the wall along with David Buonaguidi’s ‘The Snack Collective’. In honour of the art heist, Dave placed the phrase “Oi can we have our art work back”. This is still on the wall over a year later. The original artwork was never retrieved but the spirit of the artists stolen artwork lives on.

Artwork by Lucy Flynn on Crooked Billet Yard for Outside the Zone
Lucy Flynn artwork on Crooked Billet Yard. The piece was stolen soon after it was positioned

Air Pangea x Tishky

Kachette Billboards – Sept 2020

Stylist Leila Afghan approached Outside the Zone for a sustainable project with her brand Air Pangea. Teaming up with the artist Tishky Birzanka the artist produced some eye catching artwork.

Collaboration between Leila Afghan and Tisky Birzanka on Old Street for Outside the Zone
Leila Afghan collaborated with Tisky Birzanka on Old Street

Kwerk – Inside the Reality Within

EXLAB & Rage Stage – March 2021

A project in three parts and situated in 3 different Outside the Zone locations. The project included a live art performance, mural and an installation at EXLAB. The artist mixed abstraction and street art, exploring the relationship between accidental artworks whilst mixing documentary and fictional realities

Work by Kwerk at the Rage Stage Art Space
Kwerk with the tools of his trade for Outside the Zone

Mr Doodle & Shem – Rock, Paper, Wizard

Dereham Place – Mural – April 2021

A dynamic mural from the popular Mr Doodle and future star Shem. The piece was a collaboration with Hoxton Gallery and produced during the lockdown in April 2021. The wall is a testament to the world we were living in.

Collaboration between Mr Doodle and Shem in London

Gwendolyn Kassernaar

Dereham Place & EXLAB – Residency – April 2021

The first Outside the Zone artist residency project taking place at two locations, Derham Place and EXLAB the OTZ concept space. The work included live painting, dance, improvised music and live streamed spherical improvisation. It was a project which sought to push beyond the physical into the digital realm

Dancer Petra Haller performs whilst artist Gwendolyn Kassernar paints for Outside the Zone
‘Dance for Ecstasy’ Artist Gwendolyn Kassernar painting on Dereham Place. Dancer Petra Haller performs as part of the work
‘Transendence’ at the EXLAB art space. The second part of the artist residency of Gwendolyn Kassernar with dance from Petra Haller

Mervyn Penrose – Standing Figures

Dereham Place – Large Scale Paste Up – June 2021

 An art and fashion living legend, now aged 71. Mervyn’s super sized people created a giant scenario which questioned the idea of space and identity. The project grew from a single doorway in Shoreditch. Re-using spaces that exist by planting towering pictures of people encroaching public spaces.

Standing figures by Mervyn Penrose for Outside the Zone
Meryvn Penrose’s ‘Standing Figures’

Jwolf – Take Your Medicine, part 3

Dereham Place – Mural – July 2021

The artist stepped into the surreal computer enhanced world on a large scale. The large scale mural is both comical and dark, injected with 90’s computer graphics. As we edge out of lock down, it’s the artwork you didn’t know existed that you need in your life.

JWolf ‘Take Your Medicine’

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