Whitecross Street Party Returns for 2021

The Whitecross Street Party has returned for 2021. Taking place a little later in the year than normal. It had been pushed back from July and took place over two days. Featuring live art, music and a range of other activities, the event managed to once again pack people back into the street.

Certainly it was nice to see the Whitecross Street Party back as part of the London art calendar. As with many events it had fallen victim to the Covid-19 restrictions of 2020. For street art lovers it’s certainly good. The Whitecross Street Party still remains as one of the only truly accessible painting events in London. At least one where you can really interact with the artists.

The Whitecross Street Party returned in September 2021

Street Art at Whitecross Street Party

Street art has always played a major role at the Whitecross Street Party. This year artists live painted over both days. The mix of artist locations was also better than in recent years. Core to the days activities were still very much the artists painting on boards in the street. However these were reduced in favour of the creation of several permanent wall murals and even the painting of an electrical box.

Helpers from the Whitecross Street Party jumping for joy by a giant paint brush

Core to these artworks was the replacing of the long standing Conor Harrington mural. A piece that itself had taken quite an iconic status looking out onto the street over the years. Deterioration from flaking paint and the battering of the elements over the years meant that this was updated with a piece from Mr Cenz. Nearby new other permanent street works were added from Voydor, Vibes, Driper and Mr Doodle.

Live street art has always been a key element of the festival prompting interaction from the public. This is from Neonita

Of the artists taking part in the live street painting many had bigger canvasses than normal. Woskerki, Neonita, Qukek, Gent, Spore and Odisy were amongst the artists taking part on the street. They were joined by Jelly Jay, Christina Reyes, string artist Perspicere, Tizer and Steve Chapman. It resulted in an eclectic mix of artists. Some well known for their work on the street with others more specialist in other mediums.

Whitecross Street Party 2021 Gallery

Street Art Boards

Manchester artist Qubek’s board created for the Whitecross Street Party
Woskerski painting on Whitecross Street
A work from Nerone created on day one of the party. The other side of it was reused to allow another artist to paint on it
Completed mural from Neonita
The Real Dill creating a piece on day one of the festival
Hunto with his recognisable style painting on day one
Kid30 painting at the Whitecross Street Festival
Matt Sewell painting his piece at the Whitecross Street Party
Completed section from Gent
Board from Odisy on Whitecross Street
The combined character wall featuring Gent and Odisy
Boris Johnson’s Web of Lies. A collaboration between Spore and Oliver Switch
David Oates mid way through his work
The completed mural from David Oates
Jelly Jay painting her board on Whitecross Street
The completed piece from Jelly Jay
Christina Reyes by her piece at the Whitecross Street Party
Abstract forms from SODA
Perspicere adding the finishing touches to his string portrait

Permanent Street Art

Mr Cenz has painted a mural replacing a previous piece from Conor Harrington
Voydor installation painted on fixed hanging boards on the wall
A multi-artist wall featuring new works from Dniper, Mr Doodle and xxx. There is also a previous installation from Sam Peacock
Vibes creating his section
The completed Vibes piece
A recently painted pigeon from Dniper peeks out. In the foreground is a long standing work from Carrie Reichardt under her ‘English Hedonists’ brand

Art on Whitecross Street

Painted electrical box from Steve Chapman
Outsider artist Steve Chapman with his stall on the street
Painted shutter from Tizer
Talented Linka Lipski discussing her artwork with passers by
Semi permanent installations erected from previous years overlook the street
Pearly king speaking to artist David Oates
This year the Whitecross Street Party had a separate area for kids
A giant turtle made from recycled rubber prompting discussion on climate change

The Whitecross Street Party took place on 7th and 8th September 2021. All photographs in the article are from Inspiring City unless otherwise noted. For more articles about previous events have a look at these articles from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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