International Paste Up Festival Coming to London

London’s first international paste up festival is coming to Shoreditch in November. Taking place over a number of locations, there will be over 200 artists taking part. Large collages, giant posters and smaller poster artworks will all be a part of the event.

Supported by London based art agencies Outside the Zone and the ‘Art House Project‘ the response they say has been overwhelming. Shoreditch is already well known for paste up artworks. Already the area boasts some of the best walls in the city for this type of street art. The artists that contribute tend to form the core of the street art scene in the area.

Trash Bandit poster art for the London International paste up festival
The Trash Bandit paste ups from Boston, USA

Paste Up Festival in London

Speaking about the International Paste Up Festival, Art House Project’s, Apparan said: “Our aim is to introduce paste-ups as a form of street art to a wider audience through this international festival. We want to give the paste-up community some well-deserved recognition on the London street art scene.” 

Art by Felfi poster art for the London International paste up festival
Christa Felfernig aka ‘Art by Felfi’ is an Austrian artist taking part in the festival

It’s a recognition that has long been overdue. All too often attention in the street art scene goes to the big set piece murals. Yet paste up, poster and sticker art really goes a long way towards generating the environment that makes the scene so popular.

Aldam poster art for the London International paste up festival
Aldam is an Italian artist whose paste ups will form part of the International Paste Up Festival

An accompanying exhibition featuring 30 of the festival’s artists will also be driving alongside the festival at the Hoxton Gallery. Opening with a private it will combine live paste-up art with music from DJ E-Kay.  On Saturday 6th November there will also be a preview of a short documentary about the festival. From filmmaker Le Spleen it will focus on the artists and other activities focused around the paste up community. 

Poster art by Donk, a London based street artist
Donk has been a regular on the London paste up scene for years

The London International Paste Up Festival runs from 4-7 November 2021 at locations around the Shoreditch area. An exhibition featuring a number of the artists will take place at the same time in the Hoxton Gallery, 17 Marlow Workshops, Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, E2 7JN.

Poster for the International paste up festival

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