Lost and Found by Perspicere at BSMT Space

Lost and Found is the first solo exhibition by London based artist Perspicere at the BSMT Space gallery in Dalston. Known for his incredible string portraits and large scale installation work, the artist is at the heart of East London’s street art scene. His work instantly recognisable to anyone who might come across it on the street or online.

Taking his name from the Latin for perspective. Perspicere makes his work from single long pieces of thread. On the street this might reveal itself in thread based installations utilising the existing street furniture. Mixing colours with multiple layers of string they are unexpected but wonderful to experience. Often covering walkways and paths, they invite passers by to experience installation art that is ephemeral. Just a glimpse in time in East London.

A string portrait by Perspicere for Lost and Found at BSMT Space
Portrait made out of thread by Perspicere

String Art

Recently this string based art has been taking on a new dimension. Using long pieces of single thread he creates photo realistic portraits and images. Images of him making the pieces have gone viral on TikTok as viewers marvel at the process and the result. Wrapping the thread around a series of nails surrounding the picture. The process works as in a single line drawing where the pen would never be removed from the paper. Eventually the image builds to become ever more complex in it’s layering. Bit by bit revealing the image that emerges from what is just a piece of thread.

A string skull by Perspicere for Lost and Found at BSMT Space
Skull by Perspicere. The piece makes use of gold leaf as a background

Lines and Patterns

A self taught artist, Perspicere has brought two of the key elements of his practice together as part of Lost and Found. Already known for his line drawings he would use continuous lines and geometric shapes to create illustrations on paper. This would work in parallel to the string installation that would often be found on the street. Over the past few years these elements have been coming closer together. First beginning to manipulate the string onto board he would create shapes and patterns generated as a result of obsessive layering.

A string portrait by Perspicere for Lost and Found at BSMT Space

Happy Accident

Working with string itself was more of a happy accident for Perspicere. Taking the opportunity to create some wall art for a London gallery, he first used string to map out an outline. This is where it began, a happy accident but one that would then help to define his craft and his style. It’s a style which has led to Lost and Found a show which has been inspired by the emotions the artist felt during lockdown. “How do I explain how I have felt in the last 18 months” he explained. This exhibition will go some way to answering that question in the best way he knows how.

Lost and Found by Perspicere opens BSMT Gallery on 19 August 20201 and runs until 29 August 2021. The exhibition will feature 4 large installations and 10 framed works. Each piece will be accompanied by a QR code that takes you to a video of the artworks being made. To learn more about Perspicere take a look at his instagram.

Perspicere working on an outdoor string portrait in Shoreditch. Image via Perspicere
String art placed amongst street furniture. Image via Perspicere
String art portrait by Perspicere. Image via Perspicere
Different types of street art in the east end. Image via Perspicere
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