Bare Thread from Perspicere at BSMT Space

Bare Thread is the latest exhibition from Perspicere. Known for his artworks which are created using kilometres of thread. His work has become a regular sight on the streets of the East End.

Created by wrapping thread around nails he uses continuous lines in order to create his artworks. Beginning as a single line they evolve to become complex pieces of art. Sometimes created using just one thread and others using multiple layers. All require an intense type of concentration to ensure that the image emerges.

Perspicere is an artist known for his extensive portraits using thread

Bare Thread

A lot of Perspicere’s latest work centres around ideas of vulnerability, fear and self-discovery. His works often an outlet of his own feelings. The title of the show ‘Bare Thread’ is a reflection of these themes. “Each piece is a reflection of my current mood” the artist explained. Baring my emotions, whether that’s happy, sad, anxious, wanting to hide… or feeling just generally worn down. In other words feeling thread bare”.

A thread portrait as street art. Perspicere has brought the medium into street art sphere

Towards Colour

A colourblind artist himself Perspicere has often preferred working in monochrome. It’s always been a constant in his work that he has preferred black and white lines. Working purposely in colour for this new show, it’s something that he’s needed to push himself towards. “New and scary” is how he describes the approach.

Art from Perspicere on Brick Lane

40 Miles

Such is the extent of the work created for the exhibition. In total over one hundred thousand individual lines of sewing thread would have been used to create all the work within it. Taken together that’s over 40 miles worth of sewing thread. Thought provoking and in many ways breath taking, it’s a show that will leave you asking questions. Not least, just how was it all done.

‘Bare Thread’ is an exhibition from Perspicere at London’s BSMT gallery. The show runs from 26 May 2023 to June 11 2023 with an opening party on 25 May 2023. To attend contact

Bare Thread Gallery

Thread Portrait by Perspicere
Creating the work for Bare Threads in the studio
The show will feature new works playing with the ‘space in between’
Thread on the Street
Thread Art has become a real part of the street art scene
Perspicere creating live thread art at the Whitecross Street Party
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