Giant Mural from Nerone on The Bulb in Southampton

A giant mural from Nerone has been painted on a building opposite Southampton Central train station. The piece, on front of the The Bulb, is notable in that is was created using paint which absorbs Co2.

The giant mural on the Bulb in Southampton by Nerone


Nerone is an artist known for his use of bright vibrant colours. He uses floral patterns in his work and often combines them with stylised portraiture. Recently he’s been going large and he’s become known for his ability to create huge works of art across all sorts of surfaces.

The mural took 16 days to complete and covers 1005 sqm

The Bulb

The piece in Southampton is particularly special. Located on the front of what was once Nelson’s Gate, the Bulb is an attempt to re-invigorate this area of the city. The buildings there benefitting from both a major internal refurbishment as well as this external one.

The mural covers the side of the building

Clean Air Mural

Voted by the public, it is the largest wall Nerone has painted to date at 28metres high. Such was the size it would take him 16 days to complete and it coverd 1005 sq metres. It is claimed that the paint itself will support the absorption of 65kg of carbon dioxide a year. The equivalent of three grown trees as such is claims to be the largest clean air mural in the UK.

The mural by Nerone in Southampton was painted during April and May 2023. It was visited by Inspiring City on 10 May 2023. The mural can be seen just outside the entrance to Southampton Central train station

The Bulb Mural Gallery

Floral portraiture is a Nerone trademark and that’s what we have in Southampton
The area of the Bulb, formerly Nelson’s Gate is getting a significant investment
The mural just outside Southampton Central station
Nerone mural in Southampton
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