SNIK Nature Inspired Street Art on Utsira and Stavanger in Norway

Exhale is a street art project by SNIK which spans the remote Norwegian Island of Utsira with the mainland city of Stavanger. Four murals were painted over ten days with three on the small island itself.

SNIK are an duo from Stamford in England known for their expansive and detailed stencil art. Often utilising a number of layers, each one will be intricately cut by hand. Each mural they create can easily take weeks if not months in the preparation and that’s just in the cutting out.

SNIK on the island of Utsira creating ‘afterthought’ a mural on an old World War II pillbox. Photo by Doug Gillen


The island of Utsira is home to only 200 people. It’s a a small remote place which, despite it’s size, has already played host to some major international street art names. The likes of Icy & Sot, Issac Cardol, Pichiavo and Borondo have all created work here. It’s a community that tends to live in harmony with it’s surroundings. It needs to given it’s location, 11 miles deep into the North Sea.

Detail of the SNIK mural seen through foliage. The work is called ‘Overcome’ and was painted on the mainland in Stavanger. Photo by Brian Tallman

Murals on the Island

Invited by Utsirart, three murals across the island were created. individually called ‘Pathways’, ‘Afterthought’ and ‘Exhale’. The inspirations for the pieces were themselves inspired by the artists own affinity to nature. Each piece chronicling different reflections of the natural space.

SNIK high on a lift creating ‘Pathways’ on an old storage silo on the island of Utsira.


Each mural was designed with the environment and natural surroundings in mind. Using deliberately-muted colour palettes, the aim was to preserve and respect the peaceful partnership between the island and those who choose to call it home.

SNIK with a giant stencil. Part of the ‘Overcome’ mural created in Stavanger. Photo by Brian Tallman

Utsira Murals


Painted onto a storage silo on the island of Utsira. The piece acts as a reminder that nature is always process no matter how many routes we build to grow and travel. A close connection between the two are vital to our own growth.

‘Pathways’ on an old storage silo on Utsira. Photo by Doug Gillen


Positioned on an old World War II bunker. It’s a discarded building whose original purpose had long since expired. Now it has found itself given over to nature which has reclaimed it. The work is a reminder of the effects of our actions. That the impacts on the natural world around us can often be just an afterthought.

‘Afterthought’ was painted onto a World War II era building. Photo by Doug Gille


Painted onto a harbour wall, ‘Exhale’ is a piece that reflects a moment of calm within a busy world. A thoughtful soul taking the time to explore and embrace in it’s communion with nature.

‘Exhale’ was painted onto a harbour wall on the island of Utsira. Photo by Doug Gillen

Stavanger Mural


The final mural, away from the island of Utsira, was painted in Stavanger. It’s a city that is familiar to SNIK having created two previous murals in the city. Called ‘Overcome’ the piece has been created on a building situated within parkland. The growth surrounding the building is a reminder of the symbiosis of man and nature.

‘Overcome’ on a building in Stavanger. Photo by Brian Tallman

‘Exhale’ – A Film by SNIK & Fifth Wall TV

‘Exhale’ the multi location project by SNIK was created during May 2023 across the island of Utira and the city of Stavanger in Norway. It was supported by UtsirArt and Martyn Reed and recorded and filmed by Doug Gillen of 5th Wall. Photos used in this article are courtesy of Doug Gillen and Brian Tallman

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