Snik Book Launch ‘Ephemeral’ at BSMT Space

Ephemeral is a book release from street artists Snik. Launching at the BSMT Space gallery in Dalston the editions range from first edition hardbacks to hand painted versions. Published by Bio Editions the book focuses on two connected exhibitions with works created both prior to and during the lockdown.

A show in two parts Ephemeral was first exhibited at the Crypt Gallery in London during 2019 and then at an undisclosed location during 2021. The book reveals the artwork created as part of those two exhibitions as well as a behind the scenes look into the shows creation and production. For lovers of the street art scene it’s a unique insight into the work of the popular art duo.

The book Ephemeral on display at BSMT Space
Books and artwork in the gallery for the book launch

Snik was formed by Nik Ellis in 2003 and he was joined by Laura Perrett in 2012. Their work has since become synonymous with highest quality stencil art. In particular the fine, large scale creations they have become known for on the street. The detail of their work and the transitional nature of it has meant that wherever they go, Snik murals and artworks have become hugely popular.

Ephemeral is a collection of work capturing what Snik describe as “the beauty and loneliness of life’s impermanence”. The locations in the Crypt Gallery in London and in a mystery northern warehouse provide atmospheric backdrops to many of the photographs in the book. Snik’s stencils take a long time to create and then are often discarded once they have then been turned into the finished artworks. Intensely produced the work has a fragility to it yet boasts a strength of appearance that cannot simply be passed by.

Ephemeral is a book by Snik published by Bio Editions. The launch at BSMT Space in Dalston took place on 9 October 2021. The book is available in three different editions and you can order them here.

Ephemeral by Snik on display at BSMT Space
Ephemeral book launch at BSMT Space
Book display showing Ephemeral by Snik
Copies of the book on launch night
Artwork by Snik at the BSMT Space
Images from Ephemeral on the walls of the gallery
‘Ephemeral’ by Snik
One of the screen prints available as part of the Ephemeral special editions
One of the screen prints from one of the special editions of the book
Large stencil artwork by Snik in the gallery
Detail of the artwork showing the intricate layers of stencil
Food at the opening
Snik hand finished artworks part of one of the special editions
Ephemeral special edition cover
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