DD Regalo Love Letter Mural to Shoreditch Streets

An open letter to the streets. A message to everyone and nobody at the same time. The artist DD Regalo is known for his use of words and letters in his work. Now, on a mural written on an underpass next to the Kingsland Road, these are words written for everyone.

“When I started writing ideas for the wall. I really liked the idea to make the text long enough that is forces people for 20 seconds or so to read it and take it in” says DD Regalo. The experience is in what the viewer themselves brings to the wall. Each having their own interpretation of it. “As a whole, it’s about connection during a time of disconnect”.

DD Regalo mural on Drysdale Street in Shoreditch
DD Regalo mural on Drysdale Street in London. Photo by Pablo Aravena


Connection is a key part of the mural. By placing words so prominently, it removes itself from the background of the city. Walking past it’s difficult not to stop and take it in. The words are simply there, set against a colour palette which DD describes as “like cotton candy clouds at sunset”. The hope is that in a world where content surrounds us, this mural makes people quite literally stop and take second.

“I specifically chose those colours to be light, inspiring, positive” says DD Regalo of the mural background. “They also really play with the sunlight so the piece changes as the lighting does. At night you can barely tell they are there. It almost looks completely white, but they resonate with the light during the day”. The strip meanwhile at the bottom acts as a “transitional glue” that holds the verses together.

The mural by DD Regalo was completed on 1 December 2020. It was painted on Drysdale Street in Shoreditch on an underpass next to Kingsland Road. The mural was supported by the art agency, Outside the Zone. You can follow DD Regalo on instagram here.

Portrait of the artist DD Regalo

DD Regalo is a Canadian artist based in London. To read a previous interview with him click here.

DD regalo mural in Shoreditch
photo by Pablo Aravena
DD Regalo mural on Drysdale Street  pictured at night
The whole mural at night


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