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Mark Vessey is a photographer known for his large scale representations of collections. His work evoking a kind of nostalgia. Memory is an important element, the collections he photographs are then created large scale.

Speaking to Art Related Noise, our podcast with Enter Gallery, he tells us about his latest works. Collections of film soundtracks as well as soundtracks from musical theatre. Gathering together the old vinyl records he puts them together and photographs the spines. The result is a carefully crafted image invoking memory and a space in time.

Podcast with Photographer Mark Vessey

Mark Vessey next to his ‘Mother Piece’ of Film Soundtracks

Additionally Mark Vessey tells us about his experience of lockdown. Deciding to take a conscious step back he describes how the time spent alone has enabled him to reflect. Finding himself in New York when the lockdown hit over there, he was able to take stock when he returned. With things slowing down, rather than double down and make more work, he chose to take space for himself.

Living in Brighton it was the sea which provided a major outlet. Everyday he would immerse himself in it. “No two swims are ever the same” he tells me. Describing the experience further as one which was spiritual. Being at one with nature was the tonic he needed to reflect, take stock and return refreshed with a new perspective when the lockdown finished.

Mark Vessey was interviewed on 5 December 2020 as part of the Art Related Noise podcast series with Enter Gallery. His ‘soundtracks‘ release is available from Enter Gallery and was launched in 8 December 2020.

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Mark Vessey speaking to Inspiring City at home in Brighton

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