Mali Mowcka Exhibition ‘Last Show’ on the Roman Road

Mali Mowcka has taken the opportunity to put on one last show of the year. Hosted in a home massage shop which is now doubling as a vegan bakery. It’s called ‘Home of the Oats‘ on the Roman Road. The exhibition is called ‘Last Show’. Indeed it is likely to be one of the last shows of the year.

A favourite of ours on Inspiring City, Mowcka’s work centers around the development of one central image. It’s one that she has honed for years and which is well known on both the streets of London and Barcelona. These are the two cities where she has really established her work. Mali Mowcka paste ups being regular sights in both of them.

Nature flowing from the inside. One of Mowcka’s wooden pieces at the exhibition

Last Show by Mali Mowcka

Last show brings out a number of other dimensions to Mowcka’s work. Venturing more into sculptural and crafted imagery. It makes for a much more diverse exhibition. However this is one which still doesn’t lose it’s central focus. In what is, in square footage terms, a fairly compact area there is much to see. Expanding her range further into jewellery and textiles as well as providing a range of illustrations.

Energy is at the heart of much of Mowcka’s work. Her figures are often seen to be at one with it. They seem to be intertwined with the energy of nature around them. Both internally and externally they respond to the energy to which they are connected. “To know our depths is to know the origin of our real pure and natural self” she once told me.

‘Last Show’ is exhibiting at the ‘Home of the Oats’ at 65 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, E2 0QN. It runs from 11-24 December 2020. You can find out more about Mali Mowcka and buy from her website here.

Last Show by Mali Mowcka took place at the Home of the Oats on Roman Road
The light and dark of ourselves
Mali Mowcka at her exhibition

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