Mali Mowcka and the Mushroom put on a show in Hackney Wick

It’s always good when artists collaborate and even better when those artists are good friends of ours here on the blog. Nestled on the lea navigation, the number 90 bar is the location of this first time collaboration between Mali Mowcka and Hello the Mushroom.

The show combined Mowcka’s feminine and abstract imagery with Hello the Mushrooms darker skull based renditions. The two are also well known for their paste ups. Wander around the East End for long enough and you won’t be able to miss them.

Nestled on the canalside in the ever developing Hackney Wick, the number 90 bar sits at the heart of an area with plenty of street art. It’s changing all the time of course, the bars here are getting ever cooler but you do wonder how long the artists can afford to remain there, those that have studios at least.

Hello the Mushroom and Mali Mowcka at the Number 90 Gallery in Hackney Wick

We first met Mali Mowcka when we were in Barcelona earlier this year, the artist is originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina but the Spanish city is where she has made her name and her art. We’d visited to learn more about the street art scene and her paste ups are all over the place.  Explaining her work she told me that it was about giving meaning to what goes on inside, “our interior is to know a part of this universe” she told me. “To know our depths is to meet the origin of our real pure and natural self”. Her art as a result is energetic and flowing with figures opening up and revealing their inner selves.

Spending the last few months in London she’s been doing the same thing over here and bringing her style to a whole new audience. Hello the Mushroom meanwhile we’ve known for a while, a regular on the London street art scene she’s been steadily building her reputation as an artist to watch. Her work, incorporates and adapts images readily available from things like magazines and in the case of this show, call girl calling cards from telephone boxes. A play on the cult of youth where their allure has been transformed into a skeletal figure.

So not much more to say for this post other than show off some of the art. You can also read our interview with Hello the Mushroom here and learn about our trip to Barcelona where we met Mali Mowcka for the first time here. However for now, take a look at the art of Mowcka and the Mushroom in Hackney Wick.

Mowcka x Mushroom is exhibiting at the Number Gallery in Hackney Wick from 19 October to 19 November 2017. The show was visited and all photographs taken on 19 October 2017.

mali mowcka hello the mushroom
Hello the Mushroom mural at the number 90
Close up of Hello the Mushroom mural
Framed art from hello the mushroom
mali mowcka hello the mushroom
Phone box cards with a twist from Hello the Mushroom
More phone box card playing from Hello the Mushroom
Backlit work from Mali Mowcka
Paste up from Mali Mowcka
Mali Mowcka art on the walls
Mowcka showing off her paste ups
Inspiring City with Mali Mowcka and Hello the Mushroom


  1. I was unlucky with my visit to the exhibition on the 28th October. Most of the artwork had been removed for safety due to a Halloween function that was happening that evening and they did not want the risk of any artwork getting damaged. Quite understandable and the staff were very apologetic to me. I did get to see the outstanding space suits mural on the river terrace, so was very happy to see and snap that! Both ladies had left paste ups around Hackney Wick and they were nice! Good to see you covering these artists….

      1. Quite agree on that Stuart… Another interesting place to visit coming up is the “Havelock Walk Winter Weekend” This is an open artists studio two day event at Havelock Walk, in Forest Hill on 25th and 26th November. Fine Art, photography, sculpture, food, music and festive fun all under fairy lights in this delightful mews. Open times are from 12noon to 6pm. Just across the road from Forest Hill overground station. There are a few good street art gems to be found in that neck of the woods close by as a bonus!!!

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