Pink Bear explores the Fulham Town Hall

Art in the Age of Now is the exhibition taking place at the Fulham Town Hall. Packed with art and boasting works from artists of different genres. One of the stand out installations from the show has been LUAP’s iconic Pink Bear. Installed in a former holding cell in the town hall basement, the room has been painted pink and the bear is central within it.

For visitors to the Art in the Age of Now exhibition it’s become a huge favourite. It’s also proved popular with photographers. In particular the photographer and filmmaker Archie Brooksbank who has been documenting the event and using the bear as a means of navigating the space. Known for his work with brands such as Aston Martin and Jo Malone he’s been trying to capture the essence of what is a remarkable exhibition.

Artist Paul Robinson in his pink room at the Fulham Town Hall
Artist Paul Robinson and the Pink Bear at the Art in the Age of Now exhibition. Photographer: Archie Brooksbank (@bladesman_)

The Pink Bear is the creation of artist Paul Robinson. Also known as LUAP we’ve featured his work a number of times on Inspiring City. The artist is known for his use of the bear in his work which in many ways acts as both a muse and an alter ego. A result of cognitive behavioural therapy the bear is the result of a treasured childhood memory which now has taken on a new life.

Such is the popularity of Art in the Age of Now, the exhibition has been extended for a further two weeks. Once closed the space will begin the transformation to a new phase of its life. That of a boutique hotel at the heart of Fulham.

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The Pink Bear at Art in the Age of Now

The Pink Bear on a bike cycling around Fulham Town Hall
The Pink Bear in one of the old assembly rooms. Work from Charlotte Colbert is the central sculpture with Nancy Fout’s eerie Little Red Riding Hood in the background. Photographer: Archie Brooksbank (@bladesman_)
Pink Bear stands in the basement of Fulham Town Hall
In the basement with murals from Ben Eine and Nerone. Photographer: Archie Brooksbank (@bladesman_)
Charlotte Colberts ‘Masectomy Mameria’ and the Pink Bear. Photographer: Archie Brooksbank (@bladesman_)
Cycling through the rooms of Fulham Town Hall. Photographer: Archie Brooksbank (@bladesman_)

Art in the Age of Now is a free public art exhibition held at the Fulham Town Hall. It has been curated by Ben Moore from Art Below and the Lamington Group. The exhibition will take place from 20 May 2021 to 20 June 2021 and tickets can be booked here. The address is 553-561 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1EX.


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