Tide Exhibition from Sam Peacock at Kahn Gallery

Tide is the latest solo exhibition from Sam Peacock at the Kahn Gallery in London. Featuring a selection of work created during the first lockdown. It reveals a body of work which still takes a strong influence from the landscape around him. The shows title stems from what the artist describes as “the unique constraints of creating during a pandemic”.

Now based in Sussex, Tide is Sam Peacocks first solo exhibition in London since 2015. The artist is known for his use of fire in his work. All 25 artworks in the show were made using fire over a metal sheet. He uses a variety of materials to then create the textures and colours he wants. The resulting artwork is a layered and textured image. Often representative of a space. It imbues the types of feelings and emotions Peacock has for the land around him.

Paintings by Sam Peacock being hung at the Kahn Gallery
Hanging work from Sam Peacock’s latest ‘Tide’ exhibition at the Kahn Gallery

Tide by Sam Peacock

Tide is a show which reveals a change in the way that Sam Peacock has needed to adapt his work as an artist. Explaining that he felt “weirdly free to do what I wanted as the pressure to produce a constant stream of work had been removed”. One notable impact on the art world after the announcement of the first lockdown was that work suddenly dried up and stopped. Exhibitions were cancelled which meant that for many it became a difficult time.

Portrait of landscape painter Sam Peacock
Landscape painter Sam Peacock

Tide, the show’s title, comes from the unique constraints of creating during a pandemic. Peacock explains, “as I was preparing for this show during the first 2020 lockdown. I began to notice changes in the way I worked and created colours and textures. Since we were only allowed outside for an hour a day. I would go with my family to the nearby beach. The sea played a massive part in my creative inspiration. It was a backdrop to the changes in society, such as we are witnessing now. The word “Tide” seemed appropriate for the show.”

Art in Lockdown

Fire of course remained an important part of his creative process. This too however needed to change because of lockdown. Now he would only light fires either really early in the morning or late at night in the garden. It was an attempt at not annoying home-bound neighbours with the smell of burning chemicals needed in his work.

“It’s only fitting that our first solo show since the end of the third lockdown is dedicated to artwork created during and impacted by the early days of the pandemic” said Geraldine Hassler, the Kahn Gallery founder. “The past 15 months have been difficult for the art world. I am delighted to be able to safely welcome art lovers again in our North London gallery”.

Tide from Sam Peacock runs from 10 June 2021 to 3 July 2021. It can be seen at the Kahn Gallery 6, Queen’s Parade, Walm Lane, NW2 5HT London and is free entry. Walk-ins are welcome however, because of COVID-19 booking is encouraged here. Peacock’s work is also available for purchase at on the gallery website

Fairycross cove a painting by Sam Peacock
Fairycross Cove by Sam Peacock
The artist Sam Peacock

About Kahn Gallery: Founded by Geraldine Hassler in 2017, Kahn Gallery represents emerging and established contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers. The gallery’s catalogue is available for purchase at Kahn-gallery.com and at international art fairs. | Instagram: @KahnGallery

About Sam Peacock: Sam Peacock’s work focuses on the ever changing landscape which surrounds us. He uses a mixture of paints and organic materials to create vivid landscapes on steel panels. His solo shows have taken him to Sydney, Berlin and London and he has his work in private and public collections across the globe. | Instagram: @sampeacockart

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