Out From the Downs – A New Exhibition from Sam Peacock and Hannah Ivory Baker

Landscape artists Sam Peacock and Hannah Ivory Baker will once again join forces in an exhibition inspired by the Cinque Port Towns on the Sussex coast.

Following the success of their first joint solo show together the artists were keen to create some new bodies of work. In particular they want to showcase the similarities in their paintings and how they link to the coastline of the South Downs.

Both artists use a variety of different painting techniques to achieve the results they want. Sam Peacock’s we know well. “My work is born in a pit of fire and then emerges demonically from the flames” he states dramatically. We’ve featured his work a lot and have seen it evolve over the years. He has a unique style which draws on the the elements in order to create his fire ravaged pieces. You can listen to him talk about it in our podcast here.

Hannah’s landscapes meanwhile use what she describes as “vivid lines scraped across the canvas to emphasise the enormous power the coastline beholds”. Based in London she paints vivid memories of the sea and it’s surrounding landscapes. The south coast is a key inspiration for her work.

Out From the Downs‘ featuring the work of Sam Peacock and Hannah Ivory Baker is exhibiting at the Highgate Contemporary Gallery from 7 March 2019 to 29 March 2019. The artists will be taking part in a series of discussions which will take place on Saturday 16th March at 2.30pm and will be hosted by Tabish Khan. There will also be a live painting event performed by both participating artists at the gallery during the show on Saturday 9th March from 1pm.

Paint, Coffee and Liquorice on Steel. A landscape from Sam Peacock’s Ironsea series
‘Windswept’ a landscape by Hannah Ivory Baker. An oil on canvas landscape


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