‘I’m Glad I Found You’ 10 Years of the Pink Bear

A series of works marking the 10 year anniversary of the Pink Bear has been released by Paul Robinson. Perhaps better known by his artist name LUAP. He has revealed a striking series of paintings called ‘I’m Glad I Found You’.

Originally due to be released as part of a wider exhibition to celebrate the anniversary. It was cancelled like so many other art events due to Covid-19. The paintings of course feature the Pink Bear. A kind of alter ego for the artist himself the works feature themes of isolation, nostalgia and dreams of escapism.

The artist and the Pink Bear. One of the images celebrating 10 years of the Pink Bear
‘Self Portrait’ the artist and the Pink Bear.

10 Years of the Pink Bear

The Bear is full of meaning. Recently interviewed as part of the Inspiring City ‘Art Online‘ series, LUAP discussed how the bear came to be. A fond childhood memory, revealed through CBT. He has grown along with the artist. The Pink Bear has, over the past 10 years, represented personal growth and the overcoming of challenges. You can read that interview here.

10 years ago The Pink Bear surfaced from a happy childhood memory whilst a dark shadow persistently clouded my mind. The Pink Bear has brought moments of joy and lightness, acting as a guiding light by bringing a sense of optimism and balance into my life.

‘Something Deeper’

LUAP himself is an adventure artist. He fuses travel, adventure and art. Over the past decade he has travelled the world. Taking his creation to mountains, surreal landscapes, cities and remote spots in far-away places. Juxtaposing them in stark contrast with his central figure and loan anti-hero, ‘The Pink Bear’. LUAP takes his vision above and beyond to construct the perfect shot. Choosing unique, extreme and visually awe-inspiring destinations across the globe.

Existing in and between physical and surreal environments. The Pink Bear has found its place in the world today. He represents both personal history and the artist’s alter ego. He is the anti-hero of LUAP’s work. Often conflicted and alone. His face is expressionless. The Pink Bear searches for purpose and connection as he navigates through life. LUAP sees him as a relatable symbol of hope.

‘I’m Glad I Found You’ is a series of 10 paintings created to celebrate the anniversary of the Pink Bear. To read our interview with LUAP click here.

Artist Paul Robinson standing next to a giant artwork of the pink bear
‘Portrait of an Artist’
The Pink Bear holding a woman
‘The Absence of Distance’
The Pink Bear with a girl on a bike
Cosmic Dust a painting by LUAP
‘Cosmic Dust’
The Pink Bear holding a bunch of flowers
‘For a Loved One’
‘Happy Place’
‘Rise Above Yourself’


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