If Homophobia Ended Tomorrow a Short Film from Nuart

A short film called ‘If Homophobia Ended Tomorrow’ has been released by the team at Nuart. Produced by MZM Projects. It follows the artist Paul Harfleet during his visit to the festival in Stavager during 2019. We wrote about the project at the time here.

Paul Harfleet is known for his Pansy Project. He plants the flower at sites of homophobic abuse. It’s something that’s taken him around the world. Going to the location, physically planting the pansy and then taking a picture to record. It marks the event and Paul will then give it a name. A name that reflects the abuse experienced.

‘If Homophobia Ended Tomorrow’ a film about the Pansy Project from MZM Projects

Pansy Project in Stavanger

In Stavanger his work needed to take a slightly different turn. The actual pansy wasn’t available in the city at the time of the festival. This meant that instead of planting he painted. The first time the artist had committed his painted art onto the street. The act itself added a different level of dimension to the Pansy Project.

‘If Homophobia Ended Tomorrow’ explores the project in Paul’s words. Following him around the city he chooses the locations carefully. Always aware that in doing what he is doing, he is in effect marking an event. In the case of a painted pansy it’s something that could last for a long time. With that in mind it’s right that the location pays true attention to the even that went before.

An Interview with Paul Harfleet about the Pansy Project

Double Meanings

Inspired to begin his project when in Manchester he experienced three separate occasions of homophobic abuse on the same day. This kick started the project that would go on for 15 years so far. The pansy itself having a double meaning. In English, it has been known as a slur. In French however, je pense, means ‘to think’.

It isn’t only the Pansy Project which Paul has been working on of late though. His ‘Birds Can Fly’ project has been keeping him busy during the Covid-19 lockdown. Not only that but he’s also created a piece of poster art for the Nuart team in Aberdeen. Called ‘We Can Touch Tomorrow’ it reflects a hopeful thought things returning back to normal. The Aberdeen festival which Paul would have been a part of was curtailed due to the virus. You can read all about that project here.

The Pansy Project is a long running art project by Paul Harfleet. He was invited to participate in the 2019 Stavanger Street Art Festival by the team at Nuart. The film ‘If Homophobia Ended Tomorrow’ was created and produced by MZM Projects. All photos in this article are courtesy of Nuart.

One of Paul Harfleets Painted Pansy’s in Stavanger
Creating the pansy
Paul with the MZM Projects team
The Pansy Project
‘We Shall touch Tomorrow’ Paul Harfleet’s work for the lockdown edition in Aberdeen

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