OX Another Vision of the City – A Short Film from Nuart

“OX: another vision of the city” is a short documentary from Nuart and MZM projects about French street artist OX. Filmed during the 2019 Stavanger Festival it reveals his personal way of seeing the city. Using existing billboards and advertising infrastructure. He removes the original adverts and then re-imagines them. It results in a new and often humorous new art art work.

Emerging from art school in the 1980’s. French artist OX met street artist Jean Faucher. It was he who inspired him and his group to take to the streets. They would begin to leave their mark across the city of Paris. His studio and gallery work helped him to develop new ideas around the basis of aesthetic shock. Utilizing  and misappropriating street signs and commercial imagery. He re-worked and abstracted them to create something completely new. His interventions look directly to their immediate environment for both inspiration and commentary.

OX: Another Vision of the City

OX: Another Vision of the City is a short film from MZM Projects for Nuart

Nuart Festival Stavanger

‘OX: Another Vision of the City’ was filmed during the 2019 Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway. OX was working on a complex project which encompassed the installation for Nuart’s “Brand New, You’re Retro” exhibition. It included public interventions such as paste-ups on advertisement billboards, his first mural and also painting on a van.

The film consists of a number of parts. Each illuminate a specific way of working by the artist in public space. The very beginning of his practice as part of the Parisian collective “Frères Ripoulin”. That was the early 1980’s where he was influenced by the likes of Keith Haring. Next is his ability to intertwine his studio work and street practice. An interesting and valuable part of OX’s approach is how he never ceases to find and ask questions. Whether to himself, the environment or to the audience themselves

Ox Street Art in Stavanger

Street art by OX for Nuart in Stavanger.
House within a house by OX for Nuart. Photo by Brian Tallman
Poster street art by OX for Nuart Stavanger
Poster within a poster by OX for Nuart. Photo by Brian Tallman

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