Giant Mural from Renate Hermansen painted in Ålgård

The latest public art mural from the Nuart team has been created in Ålgård a small town in Rogaland, Norway. A giant 50m mural from Renate Hermansen, it covers the wall of a purpose built sportshall.

This is still home turf for the Nuart team. Their festivals have been taking place in the nearby city of Stavanger since 2001. Ålgård is in the same county and just a short drive south. It forms part of a strategy to get out onto walls in the region and not just in Stavanger itself. Renate Hermansen, also known as RH74, is a local artist and one who has been working with Nuart for a while.

The giant mural of a girl in Ålgård, Norway by Renate Hermansen
The mural by Renate Hermansen (RH74) in Ålgård, Norway. Photo credit: Brian Tallman

Mural in Ålgård

The mural from Renate Hermansen in Ålgård is also the first which has come back to fruition since the Covid-19 lockdown. Initially planned as being a piece within a 20 x 10 metre frame in the centre of the wall, this changed once the new building went up. Realising that in sticking with the original plan the resultant piece would end up somewhat floating, they took the call to go big. At 50 metres wide it is now easily one of the biggest murals in the region.

The sportshall itself is the home to Ålgård’s womens handball club. Sitting within incredible surroundings there is little to no ambient light. According to Martyn Reed, the director of Nuart it, “acts as testament to the power of, not only the many female teams, but also the leaders of the project who pushed ahead with the construction. We hope the power of the mural, expresses the power and grace of those that have created this building as their new longterm home”.

The Guardian of Ålgård. Photo credit: Brian Tallman

Guardian of Ålgård

Showing the central image of a girl, she is acting as the guardian of the new Handball centre. Protecting the players from encroachments from other sporting activities nearby. A football, from the nearby football arena, is caught within the silk web of her wings (also with a duel meaning, representing the areas textile heritage). Her expression however says it all. Nothing is going to distract from the game she looks over. The players, represented in the mural as eagles, common in the area, play on in peace.

The mural in Ålgård from Renate Hermansen aka RH74 was painted during early September and can be found on the side of Ålgård Håndballklubb. The mural was supported by Nuart. All photos used in this article are courtesy of Brian Tallman.

Mural in Ålgård by Renate Hermansen at night
Guardian at night. Photo credit: Brian Tallman
The Eagles. Photo credit: Brian Tallman
Renate Hermansen Mural in Ålgård. Photo credit: Brian Tallman


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