Good Vibrations Window Display from LUAP in Notting Hill

Good Vibrations is a window display created by the artist LUAP in Notting Hill. It features LUAP’s iconic Pink Bear standing along amidst a forest filled with different colours. The artwork is a part of Kensington and Chelsea councils ‘High Street Windows‘ project.

The project utilises empty stores and places artworks within them. Aiming to engage passers by, it creates an added dimension to the high street. For LUAP’s Good Vibrations commission he has taking over the window of the disused All Saints store on Westbourne Road. His Pink Bear stands prominent but alone within it. The Pink Bear is a consistent image which LUAP centres his work around.

Good Vibrations by LUAP can be found at 284 Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill
Good Vibrations by LUAP can be seen at 284 Westbourne Grove

Mental Health and the Pink Bear

Much of LUAP’s work such as Good Vibrations addresses themes and areas personal to his own experience. The bear itself acts as a kind of alter ego to the artist, whose real name is Paul Robinson. Acting as a muse and model the pink bear is photographed in a variety of settings. Some of the locations for the shoots are extreme and the images dramatic as a result. He then uses these images as the basis of paintings which become artworks balancing hyper realism with a kind of abstract patterning.

The bear stands alone in a multi coloured forest

Mental Health is one of the themes which appears regularly in LUAP’s work. His art often looks to address topics around Mental Health and he uses his platform to then talk about his own experiences. Speaking about Good Vibrations, LUAP explains some of the concept behind the window display. “I visualised and drew the tree I wanted to be… And so I shed my negativity and embraced positivity. As my branches spread and my leaves sprouted, I grew a bridge to connection, enabled by nature. I hope this work will be able to help others to find solace.  Hopefully, it brings some positive energy“.

LUAP's Pink Bear on a window in Notting Hill
LUAP’s Pink Bear is a constant throughout his work

Good Vibrations

Diagnosed with dissociative disorder in his earlier life. LUAP experienced depression and with it a vast disconnect. It was Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) through which he was able to explore his own mental health issues. Part of this process revealed the memory of the bear. A positive one from childhood which now came to the fore. It’s an image which resonated and which has stuck.

“LUAP’s work is so relevant at a time when the population has been through such a traumatic twelve months” said organiser Vestalia Chilton of Good Vibrations. “It is hopeful, inspiring and it reminds us of how isolated some have felt this past year. We hope that it resonates locally and reminds people that although we may feel isolated, we are surrounded by likeminded souls”.

Good Vibrations by LUAP is a window display artwork and is part of the lead in to Kensington and Chelsea art week. It can be found at 284 Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.

Good Vibrations by LUAP and the Pink Bear in Notting Hill
Pink Bear in Notting Hill


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