Rochdale Uprising Brings Top Street Artists to the Town

Rochdale isn’t a town known for it’s street art. But over the August Bank Holiday weekend all that will change. Rochdale Uprising will be bringing some of the best street artists to the area creating a series of new murals.

Hosted by Hayley Garner and Joy Gilleard. Individually they are known as Aylo and Cbloxx though together they paint as the Nomad Clan. They are undoubtedly one of the worlds top street art combinations. Both from the North of England, Hayley is actually from Rochdale. Joy meanwhile hails from just over the pennines, in Leeds.

Cbloxx and Aylo also known as the Nomad Clan

Rochdale Artists

The pair have long wanted to put on a festival in the town. It’s an ambition which has taken a while to come to fruition. Street art festivals aren’t necessarily easy sells in areas where there has been no real history of muralism. It’s only once the paintings go up that people really start to take notice and appreciate the benefits public art can bring.

The artists heading to Rochdale are a blend of national and local. Joining the likes nearby of Blackburn and Manchester it will add a body of work to the town. The north is growing in terms of its street art and Rochdale is the latest area to be converted.

Nomad Clan

The festival organisers are known for their epic large scale murals. You can spot pieces from them nearby in Manchester, Leeds and Blackburn. Their work will often take on board the history of the area and guaranteed their piece will be spectacular.

A giant mural form the Nomad Clan. ‘Athena Rising’ can be seen in Leeds

The London Police

Known for their iconic illustrative LADS figures, the duo started on the streets of London in 1998. Living now in Amsterdam they have a unique style and they’ll be bringing it to Rochdale.

London Police mural painted during the 2018 Upfest in Bristol


Master stencillist and muralist. Manchester based Tankpetrol’s work is distinctive with his identifiable colour palette. His work can be seen nearby in Blackburn and Manchester.

Mural of Alan Turing by Tankpetrol in Didsbury

Curtis Hylton

Dreamlike murals incorporating the natural world. Curtis Hylton has been become a regular feature on the mural scene over the past few years. Based in London his work will feature birds and flowers.

A giant duck from Curtis Hylton in Blackburn


Known for his delicate intricate patterns. From Birmingham, Philth’s work is a combination of illustration and graffiti. His work adds brightness and energy to drab walls.

Large scale mural from Philth in Leicester

Mr Penfold

Bright, bold and playful. Penfold’s work contrasts patterns of colour and texture. From Cambridge but now living in Bristol his fun characters have become a regular addition to the streets.

Mr Tea-One

Manchester based Mr Tea-One combines elements of classical painting with graphic design and a graffiti aesthetic.

Mural from Mr Tea-One painted as part of Blackburn Open Walls

Lei Mai

An artist and designer from Liverpool, Lei Mai now lives in Manchester. She has a background in graffiti, illustration and graphic design.

Tasha Whittle

From Manchester Tasha Whittle is a multi-disciplinary artist who utilises drawing, painting, murals, print, sound, installation and video. Expect to see some cute characters in her work on the streets, bringing a new energy to the wall she paints.

Billy Colours

Bright, bold and colourful. Billy’s work is inspired by her trips and adventures. Her murals breath new life into the walls they cover.


An illustrator working mainly with white ink on black, Folie is an artist working in a number of differing mediums. In Rochdale her work will be painted on the side of Voltalab Sound Studios a historically significant recording studio.

Work from Folie

Rochdale Uprising takes place between 23-26 August 2019. There will be 12 murals painted across the town along with a paint jam featuring multiple artists. Inspiring City will be hosting free tours of the street art on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August. Update – To see the final murals from the festival click here. Also to see street art from the paint jam click here.


    1. There certainly will Michael I’m planning to have a post up pretty quickly afterwards with all the locations 🙂

  1. Interesting article and great graphics but I have to correct the title and premise of your article – Rochdale can hold claim to having a very rich heritage of wall mural art.

    In the 1970s the work of Walter Kershaw was once seen around Rochdale, Manchester and even South America.

    1. Fair point and thanks for that you are absolutely right. My next article will be making this clear

  2. The Rochdale Uprising website says Inspiring City will be doing tours of the street art on the Sun/Mon – where do I find details of times etc and how do I book on? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah i think it will be just a case of keeping an eye out on the website. Tours will be happening on the Sunday and Monday for sure but just timings tbc at the moment

  3. Thanks for the update… not long off though, and I (and others, I’m sure) need to make plans 🙂

    1. Hi, tours are now confirmed for 12pm on Sunday 25th and the 26th at the uprising Gallery on drake Street

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