Paint Jam takes over Rochdale Town Centre for the Uprising Festival

A paint jam created as part of the Rochdale Uprising festival saw an additional 12 artists visit the town. Organised by the Urban Artistry Gallery, this was a way for people to engage with live art at a more intimate level.

Paint Jams are opportunities for artists to get together. Sometimes organised, sometimes organic the premise is just about having fun, sharing ideas and having a paint. That’s what was happening in Rochdale. This was a chance for the public to see live street art with many taking the opportunity to speak to the artists and learn about their work.

DJ’s ‘Taste the Difference‘ performed throughout the jam

Part of a much wider series of events including tours (run by ourselves on Inspiring City) and artist talks, the paint jam was a key element of the Rochdale Uprising Festival. Twelve pieces in total were created as part of the wider programme and you can learn all about them here.

For this post though it’s just about sharing what was created as part of the paint jam. Indeed it’s also about what other art might have been created during the event. In addition to the paint jam, as often happens with these things, other artists also came to town to add their work. We hope we’ve done them some justice here.

The Paint Jam Artists



Jay Sharples


Marcus Method

Miserable Bastards



Snot One



This One

Other Street Art in Rochdale

As ever with these things you get a fair few visiting artists creating pieces around the town. A lot of the work you can just end up stumbling upon and these little creations are fun to come across.

This One

This Crayfish from ‘This One’


Paste up homage to David Bowie from D7606


A number of C’s cute little red headed girls can be found dotted around the town
Work from D7606 and C3

Lost Hills

Paste up from Liverpool’s Lost Hills
Harry Potter themed paste up from Lost Hills


To finish off there is this much older piece. next to the Volta Lab Studios on Kenion Street. I know next to nothing about the artist so if anyone has any information on them please let me know.

A much older piece painted a number of years ago. The tags show ‘Nibsmora’ and ‘Masters of Creation’.
This older piece of graff was here long before the Uprising Festival was even thought of. It’s a cracking piece though

Rochdale Uprising took place over the August bank holiday weekend. The paint jam element of the festival took place on Saturday 25 August 2019. The festival was supported by Rochdale Council


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