Argiris Ser Paints Giant Mural in London

Greek street artist Argiris Ser is back in London to paint the iconic Village Underground wall just a couple of weeks after he was last in the city showcasing at the BSMT Space’s Paracosm show.

The wall, one of the biggest in the city is a prime spot and has already featured some great artists.  The piece by Argiris Ser replaces one from Sr. X which in turn had replaced an epic mural from Fanakapan, so the spot has had a pretty good run of late.  With him, fellow Greek artist John Patelias, a comic illustrator from Thessaloniki, has been supporting him with the work whilst also adding a quick piece of his own round the corner.

Argiris Ser is a Greek street artist
Argiris Ser at the Village Underground wall

Argiris Ser and Popartia

Known for his depictions of life in the parallel fantasy world of Popartia, Ser has created a whole suite of characters and places which he depicts when he paints on the street.  One of Greece’s most renowned artists, he now paints around the world and leaves windows into the Porportian landscape wherever he goes.

For the Education is Not a Crime campaign, this represents mural number 41 and surely one of the biggest so far.  It’s a worldwide street art mural campaign aimed at raising awareness of the Bahai people in Iran who are denied the right to higher education by the Iranian government.

argiris ser
Argiris Ser is one of Greece’s top street artists

So far the murals have mainly been centered in the states with a number in New York as well as other American cities although London has boasted a few too including a piece from Dave the Chimp which appeared on the same wall in January 2016.  Elsewhere the likes of Sao Paulo, South Africa, Delhi and Sydney have all hosted murals.

This one from Argiris Ser depicts a window into the world of Popartia and shows the sea of knowledge where an imaginary creature called a chipak is cruising along followed by her eager young chipak children. On her back is a little hut, otherwise known as the school of knowledge, and out of the building fly blue little eye like wispy creatures whose purpose is to impart knowledge to the happy little chipak kids. It’s a jolly little scene which shows that education is a joyous thing and which should be enjoyed by all.

Click on the link for Information about the Education is Not a Crime campaign.  The Village Underground wall was visited on 27 and 28 March 2018.

Argiris Ser painted a huge mural in London
Argiris Ser speaking to reporters about the mural
argiris ser
As yet unfinished wall as seen from the Citizen M hotel
argiris ser
Media interest in the latest mural from Argiris Ser
argiris ser
Applying some finishing touches
DSC_0440 3
The almost finished wall from hotel opposite
DSC_0439 3
Mummy Chipak with the school of knowledge on her back
DSC_0477 3
Fellow artist John Patelias was helping with the main mural but also painted this on Great Eastern Street
DSC_0474 3
The completed piece from John Patelias
DSC_0486 2
The ‘Sea of Knowledge’ by Ser
DSC_0488 3
A little doodle in the Inspiring city black book


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