Giant mural from Fanakapan covers the Village Undergroud wall in Shoreditch

The giant wall one the side of the Village Underground has long been one of the best places to see street art in Shoreditch.  It’s size and location mean that it’s always attracted the very best from the street art scene from London and around the World.

But it’s always been fairly tricky to photograph.  Overlooking the narrow road of Holywell Street during the time that we’ve been documenting the ever changing art on the wall, the opposite side was first a make shift car park and then, for the past year or so, a building site.


The Village Underground wall with work from Fanakapan

Now, a new Citizen M hotel overlooks the Village Underground and because of the design of the entrance area, it’s given photographers a new angle from which to shoot the famous wall.  Admittedly the hotel is part of the wider gentrification of the area but there’s not a great deal that can be done to stop it and for now at least it has the minor side benefit of giving us a better view of the wall.

And so it is Fanakapan who has added his latest epic mural onto the side.  A favourite on the London street art scene, he has a style which is unique and one that has firmly established himself as one of the best around.  His work will also often have hidden layers and meaning to them, part of the fun can often be trying to figure it out.


Power Tools

This piece includes a telephone, an out-stretched hand and a revolver set against the background of what seems to be a space scene.  According to his instagram account the mural is called “powertools… distraction / distruction”.  No doubt there is an obvious deep and meaningful explanation behind it but am not sure what that would be although the obvious answer leads towards the distraction of the phone versus the destruction of the gun.  Who knows?  It’s good in any case!

 The Village Underground wall artwork by Fanakapan was visited on Saturday 26 November 2016.  It can be found on Holywell Road in Shoreditch.  For more posts featuring art on the Village Underground wall check out these featuring Dave the Chimp, Martin Ron and Amara Por Dios

Fanakapan Village Underground Gallery


From the entrance of the Citizen M hotel


Reflecting in the glass


The mural on the Village Underground


Destraction and Destruction


The hotel has given a whole new dynamic in terms of viewing art of the wall