Lora Zombie paints Series of Murals in London

A series of street art murals from Russian grunge artist Lora Zombie have appeared just off Brick Lane in London.  The works were a finale to a successful visit to the city in which she exhibited a showcase of her works at the Underdog Gallery in London as part of her highly anticipated ‘True Colors’ show.

We first came across the work of Lora Zombie when she exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery earlier in the year.  That show ‘XX – A Moment in Time‘ featured some of the World’s top female urban art talent and proved to be an impressive introduction for this blog at least to the work of one of the urban art scenes most exciting talents.

Lora Zombie at the launch of True Colors at the Underdog Gallery.  Picture taken from Lora Zombie website

Now following a sell out at the Underdog which saw queues of people waiting around the block just to get in, Zombie is back.  Unmistakable with her bright blue hair, there is no getting away with it, this is an artist who is very much the center of attention, an artist who is truly blazing her own trail.

The works she left in London can all be found within easy walking distance of each other.  Two on Hanbury Street and another on Redchurch Street, they feature her distinctive style.  The stand out piece, probably her ‘Tank Girl’ on the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane.  There smoking a cigarette, she stands with barbed wire around her neck and   a vulture on her head, itself sporting a bowler hat and sitting on a nest of incendary devices.  It’s a striking image and a worthy piece of street art to grace on of London’s best known spots.

Tank Girl on Hanbury Street

Lora Zombie Murals

Further down the road, her second image is a little simpler.  A boy takes a running kick at a smiling heart shaped figure whilst on Redchurch Street her palette changes and instead of the blues and pastels she has turned to reds and blacks.  There, a masked figure broods intently at passers by whilst behind, a coven of crows bark at the sky shadow like with the only detail being their one beady eye.

The works are a delightful edition to the street art scene in the area and a great gift to the city following what was a massively successful show and always good when artists leave a bit of themselves behind when passing through.  Following the Saatchi show for example, the area saw pieces pop up from the likes of Elle and Marina Zumi.  There is always a lot of appreciation when artists don’t just cut and run.

Lora Zombie piece on Redchurch Street

And it would seem that London itself has a particular resonance to Zombie, speaking on her website about the visit she says โ€œLondon is the place where all parts of me was completed into the finished grunge transformer that you can see now. It was so great to come back here after 10 years!”  Let’s hope that it won’t be another 10 years before she brings her unique style of art back here again.

True Colors by Lora Zombie was a special exhibition hosted on 12 November 2016.  It was curated by Eyes on Walls and was hosted at the Underdog Gallery in London.  The street art from Lora can be seen on Hanbury Street and Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. For more articles featuring her work in London have a look here and here.

Coffee Dreams and Zombie Screams
Tank Girl on Hanbury Street with ROA’s famous crane in the background
Young boy kicking a heart
This piece can be found at the bottom end of Hanbury Street
A darker image on Redchurch Street
Looking down Redchurch towards Brick Lane
Promo poster for the True Colors show


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