Lora Zombie Paints Street Art Murals in Camden

Russian street artist Lora Zombie has paid another visit to London. This time spending her time in Camden where she has left three pieces.  It’s a city she must enjoy visiting. It was only in November last year when she left a number of works on the walls of Shoreditch.

She is of course a favourite artist of ours here on Inspiring City. Her delicate works have a lot going on within them.  She is a storyteller who crams in meaning to her work. Not only on the street but in her studio pieces too.

lora zombie
A confident look from a girl in one of Lora Zombie’s Camden murals

Lora Zombie in Camden

For her working on the street is also part of the performance.  As she paints she wants to engage with the public.  Here is a flamboyant and enigmatic artist who does things her own way. Though one who clearly wants people to engage with her in the creative process.

Her works in Camden have a lot to them.  On one a girl looks mournfully whilst wearing a blue shirt with the words ‘heavy heart’ written on it.  From the words, red drips fall down to entangle a whale.  The blue top now becomes the ocean. The work seems to be a play on the despair the girl feels. Despair about the challenges sea mammals can face when they come into contact with mans discarded debris.

The second piece on the popular and regularly changing spot of Stucley Place features a girl. Her hair wisping in the wind holding a mini world with a wolf sitting on top.  The words ‘I choose you’ are written in a scrawled heart, itself pieced with cupids arrow.  The background of the mural is formed by the blackness of the girls blowing hair. Inside the blackness, stars shine and two more worlds can be seen with wolves howling at the moon.

lora zombie
I choose you

Camden Trilogy

The final piece in the Camden trilogy features what appears to be the steps of the triple jump. Featuring four different girls each taking one of the steps of the jump. They all look fiercely determined to take the jump. All focused one looks slyly at us with a sassy smile as if to say ‘I got this’.  The final girl jumps into a swan dive at the end. Accompanied by a flock of birds she dives with confidence into her new world.

So get down to see them whilst you can. Those were just my stories which I transposed onto the pieces and you very well might invent your own. Each mural can be seen within a short walking distance from either Mornington Crescent or Camden town tube stations. Who knows how long they’ll be there for so get down to see them soon.

The Lora Zombie street art murals in Camden were visited and photographed on Sunday 7 May 2017.  Art from Lora’s previous trip to London can be seen in this post.

Lora Zombie Camden Gallery

lora zombie
Girl with a heavy heart
Whale tied up in the heart strings
lora zombie
This piece can be found on Camden High Street between Camden town and Mornington Crescent nestled in an alleyway approximately halfway between the two stations
lora zombie
A miniature universe with wolves and worlds
lora zombie
Wolves howling at the moon
lora zombie
This piece could be found on Stucley Place, a popular and ever changing spot
lora zombie
Rainbow girls doing what appears to be the triple jump
lora zombie
Red jumping off with the birds
lora zombie
Green taking a running jump
lora zombie
The piece can be found in an alley on the stretch of road inbetween Mornington Crescent and Camden Town tube stations
lora zombie
Lora Zombie photographed at the Saatchi Gallery in 2016


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