Lora Zombie returns to London to paint ‘I am Groot’ and cute pink kittens on Brick Lane

Lora Zombie has returned to London and once again placed a few murals on Brick Lane. She’s been here before of course and on her most recent visits painted a number of murals in Shoreditch and Camden.

This time Lora has added a homage to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy in a spot she’s painted before on Hanbury Street and a bunch of cute pink kittens on the popular Kinkao wall on Pedley Street.

Antistress murals from Lora Zombie
Antistress mural from Lora Zombie on the Kinkao wall of Pedley Street

The cats mural alas was only a stop gap. Painted just a few days before the Meeting of Styles event, this wall was never going to last long and indeed that proved to be the case. It got painted over within a few days as the wall was needed for a festival piece but at least it was good whilst it lasted and we got a few snaps.

As ever with Lora’s art there’s usually a skillfully placed message and the kittens mural was no exception. Breaking out of a pill capsule against the backdrop of a load of meows and the word ‘Antistress’ it looks like Lora’s way of saying that cute pink fluffy kittens are a match for any kind of anxiety medication.

The Groot mural though is a little bit more simplistic, purely just a cool portrait of everyone’s favourite tree humanoid and indeed what’s wrong with that.

The murals were photographed on 30 June 2017 on Brick Lane and Hanbury Street. To see more work from Lora Zombie check out her website here.

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Antistress mural
Pink kittens coming out of a pill
Lora Zombie tag
Groot on Hanbury Street
The full mural of ‘I am Groot’
lora zombie I am Groot
I am Groot by Lora Zombie on Hanbury Street

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